The Belfry and Other Short Stories

by John D. Hartman



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/19/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 464
ISBN : 9781420875225

About the Book

Man is the strangest of all created creatures. His actions are often dictated by reflex, more often by needs and desires, sometimes by well thought out plans and quite often by on the spot decisions. Man often may seem the most irrational of all creatures and his deeds can make one wonder if he is, as touted, the highest form of life. A man''s thoughts are always more strange than his actions for thoughts have no physical or spiritual limits, no set rules that must be followed, no constraints that have to be obeyed, and no fear of being discovered. Within this small anthology of short stories, you will visit a hallowed church ravaged by war, a haunted house waiting for just the right person to arrive, sinister cats, and the unrestrained forces of nature. There is no set theme that flows through the writings. There are the scary little horror stories that may give you a chill, stories about everyday life, and tales of what may be. The only common factor is that they are the result of imagination, that rebel of society and social norms. It is imagination that frees the slaves of conformity. It is imagination that allows all men to become super heroes, rock stars, inventors and explorers. It is also imagination that allows men to visit the dark side of life without fear of embarrassment or persecution. It is imagination that helps a child to grow and develop and it is imagination that allows men of vision to forge ahead and make our society what it is today. So walk up the stairs of the belfry and discover what you will as you peer out through the steeple window.

About the Author

John Hartman lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After a long career in the railroad industry, he now has found time to return to his first love: writing. During his college years, he had worked as a magazine writer as well as working for the railroad. After a while, he had set writing aside so as to give his full attention to the more stable and profitable career. Now he is able to devote himself to both his writing and to cataloguing his extensive film memorabilia collection. After placing a collection of short stories into print, The Belfry and Other Stories, and die horror novel Fruelic''''s Lair, he is now working on a new book tentatively entitled Flight of the Fire Child and editing additional short stories that he hopes to publish within the coming year.