The Amazing Illustrated Word Game Memory Books Volume 2, Set 2

Twenty-One Central Five-Letter Stems; The Second Seven: RNAST, RNEST, RNEAT, RNEAS, IRAST, IREST, IREAT

by Frank H. Gaertner



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/20/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 352
ISBN : 9781463405304

About the Book

This book, Volume 2, Set 2 of the AIWGMB, is a continuation of a three-set series of stories and illustrations representing all of the 7-letter words captured by The Central Twenty-One Five-Letter Stems that feed into the Central Seven Six-Letter Stems of Volume 1, Set 1. Knowledge and flash, photographic-memory recall of these word lists, together with those of the Auxiliary Seven Six-Letter Stems of Volume 1, Set 2 can be valuable assets for any wannabe, top contender in our rapidly growing, competitive, word-game, social networks. The wordlists, organized in Mentafile™ format, are coded with peg-words assigned to each letter of the alphabet. This type of iconic coding-organization can make letter-management, and identification of 7-letter words within scrambled arrays, effortless, almost as though one has an app that automatically brings bonus-words to mind as one plays off letters “on-the-way” to one of the Central Seven Six-Letter Stems. For example, in a board game, where letters must be unscrambled to reveal hidden words, one might hold, in alphagram order, the following seven letters; ADNRSTU. For those accomplished with Vol. 2, Set 2 of the AIWGMB, the identification of the five-letter stem, RNAST, and the letter, D, within ADNRSTU, would be instantaneous, along with the mental search for the story and illustration of “She STRANDS the drunk on a TUNDRA’S plain.” Alternatively, one might hold ADNRSST, which would immediately bring up the word STRANDS from that story. STANDER, the only other possibility for a 7-letter RNASTD word would show up with the holding of ADENRST, the only bonus word featured in the drunk file of RNEAST, one of the Central Seven Six-Letter Stems of Vol. 1, Set 1. Therefore, with no E, R or S in the hand, one skilled in the use of The AIWGMB would know, with valuable certainty, that no 7-letter bonus words were available for play. But the fun’s not over. It really begins when we add to our search the thirty four, 8-letter RNASTD words of RNAST, RNEAST and INRAST. Having learned to “read” alphagrams from the flashcards connected to the stories and Illustrations of this series, we now watch our opponents shrink in terror as we unleash our knowledge and skill at finding and playing one of these 8-letter winners!

About the Author

Frank H. Gaertner is a retired scientist and the author of over fifty publications and patents covering aspects of enzymology, bacteriology, entomology, virology and molecular genetics. He is a co-founder of Mycogen Corporation and co-inventor of ARCs, an Amended Recombinant Cell delivery system that can provide the economical manufacture and delivery of multi-ton quantities of interferon-gamma in a form that is safe and is at least 1000 times more active than that produced by other means. This important discovery could lead to the development of highly effective antiviral and immunologically enhancing agents.The present work is fourth in the series called "The Amazing Illustrated Word Game Memory Books", and is the second of a three-part set featuring Stories and Illustrations elicited from the seven and eight-letter word-lists captured by the Central Twenty-One five-letter stems.