The Amazing Illustrated Word Game Memory Books, Vol. 2, Set 1

Twenty-One Central Five-Letter-Stems; The First Seven: NEAST, IEAST, INAST, INEST, INEAT, INEAS and REAST

by Frank H. Gaertner



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/15/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 344
ISBN : 9781449055004

About the Book

This edition of The Amazing Illustrated Word Game Memory Books (The AIWGMB, Vol. 2, Set 1) introduces readers to the first seven of 21 five-letter-stems that are an essential part of Mentafile™, on-the-way, word-game strategy as described in Volume 1, Sets 1 and 2 of The AIWGMB.  Amusing, emotionally charged, coded short-stories, illustrations and flash cards of the five-letter-stems that complement the Central Seven and Auxiliary Seven six-letter-stems of Volume 1, act to greatly expand one’s photographic-memory and flash-card recall of key seven and eight-letter game-words, i.e., those especially useful in SCRABBLE®, JUMBLE®, WORD TOWER, etc.  Readers are also invited to play A Game Within the Game where they test their ability to quickly create short stories and sketches from computer-generated, accurately defined, word lists.  One never knows where the words will lead, and the five-letter-stems, with their frequently long lists of esoteric, little-used words, can take one’s mind to some exceedingly bizarre, surprisingly memorable places.   For example, when one adds a second A and another letter to the five-letter-stem REAST, official game-word programs will assign the following interesting list of seven-letter words: ABATERS (reducers of intense occurrences), ABREAST (side by side), CARATES (tropical skin disease), GASTREA (primitive microbe), TEARGAS (tearing gas), KARATES (martial arts), AEROSAT (air-control satellite), ERRATAS (typing errors).  To play A Game Within the Game, one uses all of the defined seven-letter words and the game’s universal iconic code for the letter “A” (men’s ties, ties into something, or ties someone up). When the reader has made their story emotionally charged, used as few extraneous words as possible, and made a rough sketch to illustrate their story, they compare results with the author’s for a surprising, fun way to reinforce one’s photographic recall.  See, for example, page 291.      

About the Author

Frank H. Gaertner is a retired scientist and the author of over 50 scientific publications and patents in the biological sciences.  His latest publication in the journal Vaccine, (Gaertner, et. al., Vol. 27, February 2009, pages 1377-1385) shows for the first time that a well known, immune-stimulating, disease-fighting molecule called interferon-gamma can be produced in economical multiton quantities, and delivered in an inexpensive, highly effective form.  Even though experiments to date have mostly been done in cattle, it is all but certain that this exciting technology can be applied to humans, pets, and other animals.  It is also anticipated that this technology can be applied to other cytokines and pharmaceutically active proteins.  To the author’s knowledge, no one has followed up on this discovery.  The ability of interferon-gamma to treat a variety of diseases, including cancer and those caused by viruses and bacteria, is well known.  However, as it is currently manufactured and delivered, the drug’s harmful side effects and prohibitive cost are also well known.  The ARC™ delivery system described in the above publication has the startling property of eliminating these harmful side effects by enhancing the cytokine’s activity by over 1000 fold.  Many influential people, including the President of the United States, play word games such as SCRABBLE®.  Therefore, it’s possible that such a person will, someday, see the above comments and act on them. If so, this edition of The Amazing Illustrated Word Game Memory Books will have done much more than simply amuse.  Won't it be interesting to see how far this little butterfly, with its potentially life-saving message, can travel?