The Extreme Test

by Liston B. Monsanto, Sr.



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/12/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 532
ISBN : 9781420849011

About the Book

“The Extreme Test” personifies man’s inhumanity to man.  Whether by accident or design, it gives much promise of becoming a seismic point in the history of a somewhat repressive Virgin Islands Governmental System.


Through Opinion 81-1434 (Monsanto v. Quinn) the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit Court dealt the Virgin Islands and its Law-Breakers a tremendous defeat.


Startled and perplexed by the Court’s Opinion which elevated Monsanto to the position of preeminent person in the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the evildoers assigned thereto together with a supporting cast of local politicians and the local press, made the decision to suppress the contents of the Opinion from an apathetic Virgin Islands community while simultaneously isolating Monsanto.


Résumé holding individuals – although profiting from the status-quo, continue to smart over Monsanto’s record.  They’ve envisioned that someday an aggrieved employee caught up in the endemic disease of Virgin Islands politics may be forced to use 81-1434 as case law.


Because of the evildoers’ unwillingness to atone for their transgressions by truthfully telling an inquiring mind what transpired at the Bureau of Internal Revenue during the period of Monsanto’s employment, given precise directions he felt duty-bound to write giving to the reader a glowing description of life in an “abode of devils.”


Via authentic letters and documents from both sides, read of gun-toting individuals and sexual harassment.  Read also about Monsanto’s success in defeating oppression and actually exposing the things he was forced to endure.  Compose yourself to read a book which explains the defeat of a governmental system.  Employees on the government’s payroll could receive vicarious pleasure from reading Monsanto’s experiences.

About the Author

Liston B. Monsanto, Sr., the son of Leroy and Othelia Monsanto is an erudite six generation Saint Thomian who has an inborn capacity for doing many things.


In St. Thomas, Virgin Islands where he has lived without limit, he is well known as the Dean of Local Sportscasters, a Taxi Operator, Tour Guide and noted member of “Morgan’s Quartet.”  (i.e., a group of four singers performing together).


Bedridden during his formative and teenage years due to sporadic attacks of asthma, he became a voracious reader – grasping the opportunity to read any available book.  In addition, he would take advantage of the facilities of the United States Armed Forces Radio Station whose program format had within it a host of mainland Universities and Colleges competing against each other in various disciplines.


Monsanto began his education at Dober Elementary School in St. Thomas ultimately graduating from Charlotte Amalie High School.  Thereafter, by way of fulfilling his military obligation he enlisted in the United States Air Force for a four year tour of duty working as a clerk in the Office of Estimating and Production Control.


Continuing with his education he attended classes at the Universities of Nebraska and the Virgin Islands acquiring credits in a number of disciplines.


In the area of writing for publication, except for the letters appearing in this book, which were authored by him, this is Author Liston Monsanto’s initial effort at writing a book.


Author, Liston Monsanto has been married for forty-five years to Wilma Marsh – a marriage that has produced two children, Lorelei and Liston, Jr.