The Marriage Myth

by Henry A. Buchanan



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/29/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 208
ISBN : 9781587211720

About the Book

From the beginning of recorded time Man's big question has been: How can I live with this Woman the gods have given me? And Woman's question matches his: How to live with this Man? Finding no suitable answer they turned to the gods and said, 'Explain this difficult, sometimes rewarding, sometimes punishing relationship, this...this...this marriage.

So the Marriage Myth was born, for when the gods and goddesses were brought into the question it became a three-way discussion.

Man and Woman lived together under this ever-present cloud of gods and goddesses who were always active, sometimes enabling, sometimes interfering in the marriage.

The Marriage Myth is not a manual on how to succeed at marriage. It is not a compendium of all the mythological tales in the world. It is a re-telling of twenty-four of the best myths from the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Teutonic, Hebraic and Christian traditions, all of them Man's attempts to understand and solve the Man/Woman/God puzzle: Marriage.

From the Trojan War for love of Helen to the battle of Christ for His Bride, the Church, the story is told here in language the modern reader will understand. Now let the Myth begin!

About the Author

Henry Buchanan, the Georgia-born story teller, marriage counselor, theologian and mythologist, brings all his skills together in The Marriage Myth. He says, 'Mythology is what people believed about God and Man long ago and far away; theology is what we believe here and now. At the heart of the matter, it all comes to about the same thing.'

Buchanan's first published book, And the Goat Cried, is a collection of Southern tales of daily life, love and death, and a twist of humor to redeem the tragedy of it all.

The Moonshiners, an adventure story introducing the family whose life runs through his stories, is scheduled for publication early in 2000.

In the Tobacco Patch will follow, with the story of an old Kentucky tobacco farmer caught on the horns of a dilemma: his only son is dying of lung cancer caused by smoking.

Henry Buchanan lives in rural Calloway County Kentucky, surrounded by fields of corn, and near the small university town of Murray, 'where radio and my first book were born.'