Promote Your Book in a Radio Interview

You've shared and published your work the best way you know how: through the printed word. Now that it's time to launch your marketing campaign, why not go for a different medium altogether—sound?

The Power of Sound: Giving Voice to Your Marketing Campaign

  • Sound affects emotions. According to Radiocentre’s ‘Media & the Mood of the Nation’ study, radio has the biggest influence on people’s happiness and energy, compared to other media.

  • Sound gives your campaign a voice. By adding the human voice, sound effects, or music to your promotions, you can express and communicate ideas in a way words and other media cannot.

  • Sound is portable. Sound is ‘eyes free’ content, perfect for this multitasking age. You can listen to audio while exercising, driving, commuting, eating or even while reading the paper.

A Sound Approach to Marketing

We can help you pique the interest of listeners and book lovers through your very own radio interview. All our Radio Interview packages include the following:

  • A pre-show questionnaire and conversation with the host to help you deal with pre-interview jitters.
  • A digital copy of your interview, which you can use for your other marketing activities

Ready to get started?

Our Online Interview can help you promote your book in a 10- to 15-minute interview with host Rick Bell on the weekly show, AuthorVoices On Air – Eurafrica.

Take your book on air with our help.

Contact your Marketing Consultant today on 0800 0148641 or +44 20 3695 6322 (Intl) to sign up or learn more about this service.

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