Radio Snip


As a self-published author, you probably know that it will take some time to build your own share of loyal readers. This shouldn’t discourage you from promoting your book though. There are marketing campaigns you can run that will allow you to reach out to your target readers in just a matter of seconds.

With our Radio Snip service, you get a 30-second audio teaser that you can use to promote your book.

To maximise distribution, we’ll even get your audio trailer on the airwaves. It will be aired twice on a syndicated talk radio network with an estimated reach of 500,000.

The Radio Snip package include:

  • A 30-second professionally produced audio teaser about your published book, informing potential readers of its availability.
  • Terrestrial Radio Airing
    • Your audio teaser aired twice on a syndicated talk radio network of up to 400 stations. One airing reaches an estimated audience of 500,000.
    • A notarized proof of airing at the end of the campaign.

Still curious on how a 30-second audio can reach out to your potential readers? Read this infographic to find out.

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