Mile 21

by Del Corey



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 17/10/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 514
ISBN : 9781546202899

About the Book

You have this book in your hands with the intent of being entertained, I presume. I hope that is the case. Some of you wish to whoosh through this tract, not expecting to discover any characters or gems of insight. I pray that you stop in your tracks and say, “Son of a gun! I never thought of that!” or perhaps “I like looking at that from a different angle!” That would be nice, because I believe such insights are in here, waiting to be discovered like jewelry in Grandma’s boudoir. Now even though I’m encroaching on some unmentionable years in my life, this is just my second novel! And I didn’t think it would be such a momentous effort. I created scenes and characters that didn’t exist before this! Where were they before? In my insane brain, I suppose. I was amazed to count and come to the realization that I’d created over forty people! Many of them have come from parts of people I knew, and I thank them. Also, some of the people I created have become friends. I will miss them! Also, I trust that you, the reader, will enjoy to some degree the scenes and ideas I wrote for you without too many curves or knucklers so you can swing and hit home runs again and again while you find pleasure in the reading. Also, I mention addictions often in this book. I learned that there are good addictions and bad ones. I had the bad habit of smoking for many years, and I am so sorry now. If only I could unsmoke every cigarette I’d had, but of course, I can’t. And the damage is done to my lungs. Thank you, cigarette companies, for the gifts of packs and cartons while in the military! But don’t focus on this one idea. There’s so much more in this book. Like sex! So enough of all that. Please read and enjoy! Or else!

About the Author