There’s a War Inside Me

by Deep Poetry



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/17/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 84
ISBN : 9781496971340

About the Book

For my second book, I only wanted one thing: To tell the truth. As a poet, I could write myself in and out of any fairytale I want and people would believe it. But what about those whose lives aren’t butterflies and lemon drops? What would they believe? I want this book to be relatable. I want people to know that there are other people out here who are struggling with their own secrets. Some the same and some not. I want to touch topics that many overlook or try to suppress. A chance to acknowledge the good and bad to life. I also want my followers to get to know who “Deep Poetry” is and how my life has not been perfect but an overwhelming struggle. There’s so much that people don’t know and I’m tired of hiding. This is me freeing myself from hiding in the shadows. Freeing myself from the pain of my past that still haunts and dictates my current state. This is me growing not because I really want to. But because I need to. As I write this I’m in awe at the amount of hardships that I’ve endured and now I’m here. In this place. In a position in full control exposing myself. Exposing the rage, the hate, the happiness but, the pain; the pain will always be relevant. And I’m okay with that. I want people to know that most of these poems hold more truth then one could imagine. This war, it wasn’t easy as I’ve been fighting it alone. But, I think it’s over. Here goes.

About the Author

From a little town in Puerto Rico, I know all too well about struggle, lies, and that strong want to have more. I’m in no way going to present this as if I’m better than anyone else. Or that I’ve been through more or have achieved more or have done more. But I’m doing and will continue to do. Like everyone, I own a story filled with unimaginable pain, success, happiness, and times I wanted to lie down and let go. But I’m here by choice. I’m living because I love to live, and so I chose to live mainly to tell my story. This book has a new-age urban realist look on life with my experiences and many relevant epidemic situations in bringing to the stage of life center front. No sugar coating. This book of poetry will enlighten and inform. It will make you sad and place you in a heavy trance. No fairies or butterflies. This is the life of me—a real person telling a story of things no one wants to hear.