My Story

An Anthology of Poetry

by Deep Poetry



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/13/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 76
ISBN : 9781463431860

About the Book

“My Story” is a collection of New Age Urban poetry written to influence readers to “BE”. Whatever, whoever they want but just to be it. From this collection there are many subjects from relationships to the world’s epidemic. “This is my form of psychology, my form of healing….I want society to feel and to understand that many will never get it. Many will never feel or understand this struggle we live, but I do”. People most of the times will only read what they can relate to. This is it. Having written for many years I’ve always wanted to know what others think about my writing. Would they laugh or my big question was would they understand it? From simple poetry to poetry with meaning to abstract poetry that creates its own meaning I write. I’ve been trying to publish my book of poetry for years and no one believed hence the title of the book. In order to understand me, yourself and even life, you have to read deeper – Deep Poetry

About the Author

I am just like you…okay well maybe not But I’m very down to Earth…. I smile a lot and I get sad too And I cry sometimes When skies are no longer blue I grew up on a farm Feeding the cows and chickens by hand This land that land Hold some memories that are more valuable than gold True those times were hard But my world then wasn’t as cold I’m from a place where we used to live And breathe with our dinner And grow the side orders by hand Trust I wasn’t any thinner And those hands taught me plenty It’s where I’m from and many morals were bestowed in me I’m from there I’m from where People dare to be different I’m from where I’m from there Where I always was different But that land that place Made this face Made me stronger more productive Forced me to leave that place But it made me who I am It made me who I am