Where Does Homosexuality Come From?

Me and My Ghost




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Language : English
Publication Date : 20/02/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 106
ISBN : 9781491894361

About the Book

Where Does Homosexuality Come From? Imagine a device that can record life after death and then get the answers about the LGBT community from the very beginning of time. Imagine a primitive time to the prehistoric dinosaurs when the world of LGBT was without judgment or prejudice, which then turned into a world of judgment and prejudice. Let this book, through a series of short and concise interviews, take you to a place you have never been before and will never see again. Find out all about the origins of the LGBT world from the primitive creatures and humans who used to walk this world. Q. Have you always wanted to know where homosexuality comes from? A. I know. We all know the history of the LGBT community, but until now, all it has been is history! Me and My Ghost Imagine losing a loved one and all the grief this causes. We suffer grief because it’s the price we pay for loving people as human beings. Nobody ever comes back after we are gone from this world. Death is so final, and we never see our loved ones again until maybe in our own time when death comes for us. Death is very private, and it is private because nobody comes back from it. Death does not like to be talked about at all. It is something which comes to us all, and we are never seen again walking on planet Earth. We all discuss death, and we all discuss the afterlife because it fascinates us for obvious reasons. We all end up dead at some point, there is absolutely no escape from it and why we find it so scary and morbid as human mortals. This fascinating story takes you to what it means to experience death and to go to a place beyond death called the afterlife. The story talks about this from a young man’s point of view, where death has come for him far, far too soon, and how he cannot accept his own death or go to the place after death where others are waiting for him, but he refuses to go. This is a story of love and grief and a story that talks about life after death and refusing to settle into another world but wanting so much to come back into our world and being allowed to by the Almighty himself. A story that talks about living life on planet Earth as a ghost and how a human mortal has to deal with living with a ghost over a period of forty years.

About the Author

This is Julian Black’s second short story. The first time, he took you to a world of closetry, a fascinating little story about a young man who goes through a very painful journey with his boyfriend and all the pain that comes with being in the closet. In his second two-short-story book, he takes you above and beyond with, once again, two fascinating stories, which takes you to the beginnings of where homosexuality comes from, to his second story about dying and the afterlife and coming back from those two things. These are stories that will take your imagination way, way beyond and more. Julian black lives in France and hopes to make the world a little bit of a better place with his stories of philosophy and humanity.