A Secret Gay Passion





Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 20/12/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 88
ISBN : 9781456782917

About the Book

A Secret Gay Passion is a very powerful and erotic short story about two young men. Nicky is a closet homosexual and is petrified to come out as gay to those closest to him. Richard is an openly gay man who instantly falls in love with Nicky and becomes his saviour and soul mate. This is a book for anybody who has ever overcome obstacles, been in love, felt instant chemistry, felt passion, and believes in soul mates and instant love. It is for anyone who has overcome fear, believes in hope, and most of all loves happy endings. It is a short story that will forever remain in your heart.

About the Author

Julian Black wanted to write a book of gay erotica that was a little different from the rest. He wanted to create two characters who were soul mates and who were deeply in love and to create a story that had wild and passionate sex between two people besotted and full of passion for each other. But Julian also brings a sad element to the story. One of the characters is not out about his sexuality, and this creates pain and deep sadness between the characters. Julian has created a story that differs from most other gay erotica, because both characters are gay, but what about being gay and not being out? What about the sadness and fear this can create to a deep and loving young couple? ‘There’s plenty of gay erotica out there,’ says Julian, ‘but what about being gay but having a huge element of fear of being open about it? And what about the power of love to overcome it?’ Julian Black hopes this story will live in people’s hearts. Julian Black was born in the United Kingdom and now lives in France. This is his first short novel.