When Johnny Came Marching

by John R. Downes



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 28/03/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 324
ISBN : 9781468572278

About the Book

What about those who'd drowned in the convoy since midnight? They were dead... their dreams quashed by a devastating event. Poof! Gone! One minute breathing... the next not. What about loved ones who were awaiting their arrival in America? Their dreams were quashed, too, weren't they? How were the dead ones chosen? And the survivors? Some would say it was their destiny, the work of an omniscient God. Surely, purpose and meaning mattered, though, or why would God even cause their existence to occur, if only to end for some in such a questionable and unfathomable fate? Those other ships were sunk by German U-boat torpedoes, but not Johnny's? No one was given a choice... yet, he survived to write this autobiography.

About the Author

John R. Downes is the author of seven books. Four non-fiction titles are: The Power of Persuasion, NonConfrontation Selling, Try Not to Think of an Orange, and The Treasure of the Neighborhoods. Three novels include: A Few Deadly Friends, Orphans Song, and The Brother & Sister Act. He is currently writing his fourth novel, a tale of sabotage and espionage against the Norden bombsight testing, and an assassination attempt on FDR during WWII. He resides in Spokane, Washington.