Salud y Amor

by Ellen Boneparth



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 25/09/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 224
ISBN : 9781449007287

About the Book

Andrea Hirsch is high on life -- working as a lawyer in Silicon Valley, loving Christopher, a lawyer in her field -- until her car accident, an accident that changes what she wants out of life.


Andrea recuperates with the love and support of three men: her boyfriend Christopher; Evan, the husband from whom she is separated; and her father Josh, a widower.  As she recovers, she faces difficult questions -- how her accident really happened, whether or not to move to New York with Christopher, how to re-create herself and her career in California.


Her accident teaches her that nurturance -- allowing herself to be nurtured and nurturing others -- is a higher value than professional success.  It is not an easy lesson.  It means re-working her relationship with her father, her job, and her former partner, Evan.  It means finding the place in her life for a young Guatemalan boy and coming to terms with the issuing of parenting. Ultimately, she must re-open herself to love.


Most of all, Andrea needs to discover a new way of being.  She needs to live her Spanish wedding toast -- salud y amor y tiempo para gustarlos.  Health, love and time to enjoy them.

About the Author

Ellen Boneparth adores traveling and uses her overseas travels as background for her fiction.  While her first three novels and a memoir revolved around her experiences in Greece, Salud y Amor features her visits to Guatemala and her connection to a young Guatemalan boy.


Likewise, Ellen went through a serious car accident in 2005 which raised for her many of the issues she treats in Salud y Amor.


Ellen Boneparth's previous novel, Tatiana, was published by Author House in 2008.