Two Thousand Eighty Four

A World In Trouble 100 Years After George Orwell's Polemic Masterpiece '1984'




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Language : English
Publication Date : 22/10/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 368
ISBN : 9781449005320
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 368
ISBN : 9781449005313

About the Book

      By the year 2084, ice sheets, glaciers and snow had all melted.  To the surprise of science, much of what was thought of as land in the Artic and Antarctica, for 1000 miles in every direction from the poles, was actually a dense slurry of earth and ice.  It too melted causing oceans to rise to unexpected levels.

      People all over the world were terrified and fought to kill for higher ground.  It was a life or death struggle.  There wasn’t enough elevation to accommodate the billions of people who populated planet Earth.

      This book is about a small group of people who left New Jersey for less populated mountainous land in Tennessee, only to encounter folks who didn’t cotton to strangers.  Food and security, well away from others who wanted to share in their provisions and elevations, were all that motivated them.

      By 2084 high water caused many nations to disappear or collapse.  Civilization, including government of any kind was a thing of the past.  In the United States a national economy was impossible.  Currency was worthless.  Congress had abandoned the capitol.  The White House was vacant and partially under water.  Disease, starvation and death haunted the land.

      But, while suffering unusually severe earthquakes, tsunamis and hydrogen bombs, four intrepid men and women began to organize and lead American into a new and better world emphasizing population control, computer brain development and robots, with the help of some Big Brothers and Sisters.

            Freedom is not free nor is it always obtainable or desirable.  There is no such thing as complete, total, freedom.  There have to be some restraints else civilization couldn’t exist.  Two Thousand Eighty-Four was the turning point.

About the Author

      V. A. (Victor Albert) Herbert born in Springfield, Mass., August 4, 1928, attended public schools and graduated Boston University (BSBA) 1950, and the University of Akron (MBA) 1970.  He is a life-long amateur historian who traveled extensively in Europe and North America during his 36 year association with the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., the Upjohn Company and the U. S. Air Force, and since his retirement in 1990. 

      A veteran of the Korean War (61st Fighter Squadron), Mr. Herbert’s additional duty assignment as the squadron’s Public Information Officer, followed his tenure as a speech writer for the Commanding General of the Air Training Command, in Illinois.

      Mr. Herbert has served the nation as an Air Force officer (1950 - 1954), his state (Ohio), as the Assistant Director of Commerce (1972 - 1974), his county (Summit), as one of three at-large County Commissioners (1967 - 1972), and his city (Akron), as one of three Councilman-At-Large (1964 - 1966).  As a councilman, he introduced and helped pass the first anti-polygraph law and the toughest fair housing ordinance in the nation.

            Mr. Herbert is the author of Notes on My Recent Abduction by A. Lincoln, ‘highly recommended’ by Lawrence Zeillinger in a review for, and The Man In The Diamond Suit, as yet unpublished.