Collective Works

Historical Observations Before, During and After the Fact

by John Halachis



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 31/03/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 200
ISBN : 9781438940243

About the Book

   The following essays were written while pursuing a Master's Degree in Government at Harvard University 1986-1989. Most of the historical events investigated for possible fallacies precede that period.  The essays are mostly based on one basic theme; how history is reported and how it may have been distorted.  Following scholastic examinination of selected historical events; not surprisingly, distortions invariably are revealed. 

   Another area of research were the plays of ancient dramatists.  Clearly, it became evident that most if not all contemporary play-writing since those times derived from the dramatists of old; borrowing every major plot, theme, and concept  from chroniclers of human comedy and tragedy...from Aristophanes to Voltaire 

About the Author

   The author is a retired Lt. Colonel, USAF, who has taken 20 years of  military assignments in human intelligence collection activities in Germany, Vietnam and Greece into an analysis of past events that have shaped contemporary US foreign policy.  The decisions that led up to the Vietnam War and its conclusion are areas that Colonel Halachis was particularly interested in because of special assignments to Vietnam.

   The Colonel resides in Northern Virginia where he enjoys  access to several professional organizations organized around retired military personnel in the field of Intelligence. Colonel Halachis is also the author of a novel "Birds Got to Fly."  The novel is about the coming of age of a youth caught up in an espionage assignment during the civil war in Greece (1947-1950). King Constantine II awarded Colonel Halachis Greece's Gold Cross Order of the Phoenix for his service in Greece during that nations civil war.