Vengeance is Mine

The key to peace and freedom from injustices

by CY Collinsmiller



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 25/07/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 180
ISBN : 9781438935706

About the Book

Vengeance is mine tells the story of Karah Woodard. From her earliest recollections Karah faces overwhelming obstacles, issues and disappointments. The heart wrenching loss of her father leaves her angry and confused. Determined not to be destroyed by the circumstances she adopts three golden rules for her life. Make the best of you have. Never allow decisions made by other adults destroy your future's happiness. Find your way! Living by these rules was no easy task but it was essential to gaining control of her life. Karah's challenges are great but so is her will to overcome the odds. "Vengeance is Mine", is a story of triumph. It is the story of Karah's determination. She will cause you to think deep about some of the controversial decision she have to make. Despite her hardships, Karah emerges the victor. She overcome many obstacles and accomplishes many goals. The actions of others however continue to haunt her. Family, friends and lover's, even the U.S. Military betray her trust. Void of understanding Karah is left to rely solely on one of the strongest and most comforting passages ever written. Vengeance is Mine Thus Saith the Lord.

About the Author

Everyone has a story to tell, and Carol Collins-Miller, (CC Miller) was destined to tell hers. As a young girl, Carol would write constantly as a means of escape. As her life progressed so did her topics. Soon her life overflowed with issues, ultimately providing an array of interesting story lines for her to choose from. Her life has been filled with adventure. The natural flow of ups and downs; triumphs and tragedy; challenges and accomplishments require very little imagination when telling her stories. Carol's experience as a teenage mother, a soldier and parent of rambunctious children highlights her strength and determination, hopefully providing motivation to others. She's faced many challenges and witnessed many injustices. Her voice is strong and direct, her opinions are unique. Many of her decisions are sure to be controversial. Fortunately, Carol has also experienced beautiful love affairs and traveled to amazing places which adds romance and excitement to her stories. Carol is retired from the U.S. Military. She has B.S. from the University of Alabama and A.A. for Shelton State Community College. The fascinating life of this new author will captivate and entertain readers for many years to come.