The Celestial Songbook 2

by Jim Cleveland



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Language : English
Publication Date : 31/07/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 148
ISBN : 9781438929514

About the Book

Songs and Celestial Sources


In Celestial Songbook 2, we continue the stream of consciousness, perhaps super-consciousness, that creates songs. Here is another collection that ranges beyond the spiritual into wider human issues, slices of experience and attitude that define our beings, heart-rending romantic experiences that stir our emotions.


Part one includes a myriad of expressions from talking blues satire to cowboy and gunfighter stories. Part two collects poignant and often emotional rhymes about our love lives. Part three returns to familiar spiritual passions, with bold exposures of our follies, and love-lined appeals for higher spiritual values to save our troubled world.


In the first Celestial Songbook, I related how lyrics can apparently flow from celestial sources. I was never a songwriter or poet, but I have been an avid and open-minded explorer of spiritual phenomenon and a transmitter of supernal teachers for many years. This is a sharing of what I consider co-creativity with a ministering wave of celestial teachers and artisans who are helping humankind develop a higher spiritual consciousness and to discover, beyond human dogma, a personal relationship with God, our Father, through daily Stillness time.


All that said, I am not unique or anyone special. Many humans have discovered this, and millions more will. Songwriters and poets know of the mysterious Muse and have their own ideas about it. Melody writers pluck tunes out of some special air. Words come into the minds of those who seek to express them. Who could explain all this? Not me. I simply enjoy the co-creative path that’s open. I’m pleased to share these lyrics and poetry, while encouraging you to find your own co-creativity in the quest for truth, beauty and goodness, and much will come forth.


Love and Light,

Jim Cleveland

An Exploration of the Spiritual Universe




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