Grand Jury Mystery

by Albert & Aimee Anderson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/10/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 488
ISBN : 9781434363039

About the Book

Righteousness is true Justice and True Justice is always fair – otherwise there is no Justice. Without Justice, there is no Freedom. When there is no freedom, anarchy reigns. As responsible United States citizens, let us contend for our American heritage before we lose it completely – “One Nation under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.”


The conflict of interest issue is rampant in both the church government and the legal justice system of this world. As a result, many times fairness and equality are cast aside and disregarded as unimportant. The saga of sinful scheming and conspiracy continued for years and the cover-up of the corruption continues to unravel, as the curtain is slowly opened, unveiling some of the mysterious cover-up.


GRAND JURY MYSTERY is the mysterious ongoing miscarriage of justice and intrigue in the church leadership and the legal justice system of this world. It reveals how those who question established authority can be trampled on, crushed, thrown aside, and shunned while at the same time “Moral Values” are all mixed up and of no value.


The great mysterious secrecy surrounding the “QUESTIONABLE” grand jury investigation helped hide the U.S. attorney conflict of interest. The American grand jury system can be good but we have discovered that it also can be very dangerous to justice because of all the secrecy; which enables potential miscarriage of justice at the highest levels of government. At all levels of the Church and Government there has been cover-up and more cover-up of the cover-up. The Grand Jury secrecy/mystery has greatly helped to conceal the corruption, and the corrupt cover-up of the corruption. For years the Federal agents and Assemblies of God Northwest and General Counsel Officials carried on with their big ruse.


The sad truth is, those in leadership often fall prey to the lust for power and control. Church officials rely on subterfuge to conceal their unholy deeds. People with power, might, and money can be criminals and escape punishment. FBI updates, Sheriff Detective report, U.S. Justice Department personnel in Seattle, Washington, and Washington D.C., a marriage certificate / license, and personal testimony confirm the truth about this very mysterious grand jury criminal investigation. Some of this unbelievable, yet authentic, information we now share with you in this documentary / expose, the fourth of a series.


GRAND JURY MYSTERY continues to expose the corruption and cover-up of the same in some of the highest reaches of the church and U.S. government. Both civil and criminal investigations were botched (as well as the original “conflict of interest” investigation by dishonest church officials) which compounded the evil of the original Care-Net Outreach fraud. How the Church and Federal cases were handled is closely related. As a result of these unjust actions there is no justice and no closure, even though grand jury secrets are now being exposed.

About the Author

In addition to being blessed with four daughters and two sons, Albert and Aimee’s family now includes four sons-in-law, twenty-one grandchildren, and six great grandchildren. They have been married 53 years, as of April 2007. For more than fifty three years, they have served as evangelists, ministers, and / or pastors who have preached the truth and righteousness of God’s Word as declared in the Holy Bible. Albert and Aimee Anderson are both pastors, who believe in the eternal and unchanging truth of the inspired / eternal Word of the Living God. All praise be to God!

Aimee authored her first book BROKEN, YET TRIUMPHANT in 1983, and Aimee and Albert co-authored its sequel SUNSHINE THROUGH CLOUDS in 2001. They co-authored WHITED SEPULCHRES in 1996, followed by its sequel A GENERATION OF VIPERS in 2001, and its sequel WHITE COLLAR CRIME IN THE CHURCH in 2004. Thereafter they co-authored a final sequel, GRAND JURY MYSTERY in 2008. They pray their books will be a blessing and an inspiration to you and cause you to strive for a higher and nobler walk with the Lord!