Bitter Sweet Revenge

The Adventures of Morgan and Jane Merriweather

by T. B. Crandall



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 23/06/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 172
ISBN : 9781418420628

About the Book

When last we left the Merriweather Family. Life was good. Jane and Morgan were married. Jonathan has a new Grandma. One thing however, that Jane and Morgan Merriweather didn’t get to have was a real Honeymoon.


When a strange envelope arrives at the Merriweather household. It causes quite a stir. For one simple reason, its sender is a long lost relative of none other than, David Gills. Jane has her doubts about leaving Blairstown, and going to the south Pacific. Only because, of her Nightmares concerning her deceased husband David. But Morgan, tells her that, “Everything will be just fine, you’ll see.”


Are Jane’s nightmares, omens, or signs of things to come? With reluctance Jane agrees to go, but at what price? After all who is Jason, Really? Little do either one of them know what real terror awaits them.


Follow the trail of adventure and intrigue. Find out the truth about David’s long lost older brother. Meet some old friends, of Morgan’s as well. Meet Ms. Merriweather’s “one true love in life.” Meet some rather unlikely Heroes. See how the story ends for Jane and Morgan…


Or does it? Find out for yourself!

About the Author

This is T.B. Crandall’s second Novel. His first Novel, A House A Fire gave him the “Spark”  that  was  needed.  Once  again  with  the  help  and  assistance  from  a very loving and supportive wife. T.B. Crandall has again; set  sail  into  the  “Uncharted Waters”  of  his own imagination and brought forth this very exciting  and  intriguing  new  Novel.  It  is his hope and prayer, that as time passes, and with the  writing  of  each  new  Novel. He will one day  become  as  prominent  and  popular,  as  is his own favorite authors, such as Jack Higgins, James Patterson, Max Lucado, just to name a few. Imagination… It’s a wonderful place to visit; you never  know  what Adventures await!