Eyes of Stone

The Continuing Adventures of Morgan and Jane Merriweather

by T. B. Crandall



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 24/06/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 220
ISBN : 9781418420475

About the Book

When last we left the Merriweather family they had just returned From there adventure on the High Seas. Little were they aware of that someone had survived, the explosion at Jason “the wolf” Gills Stone fortress. And was watching them all. The man with the “eyes of stone” was watching. Waiting for the right moment to put and end to Morgan Merriweather and Family. A little black box is found underneath the willow tree. Ida becomes ill, and falls into a coma, from something or someone, mysterious. A note’s  found, “This ones for U” with the initials D.P.B.K.F.F. As Jane keeps vigil at the Hospital, she ponders the questions, Where will this all end? When will it all end? Morgan disappears without telling Jane where he is going. Plagued not only by the “man with the eyes of stone“ but now also the, “man in the trench coat.” Who are these two men really? Do gooders? Or evil doers? Meet the River Rat Gang. Meet some new and mysterious friends of Admiral McInnis. Find out the real reason behind Ida Mea Merriweather’s Premonitions and Morgan’s Quest for the, Man with the “EYES of STONE”

About the Author

The “Adventure” never ceases, as once again T.B. Crandall dug deep into his own, “special playground” and conjured up another great Novel filled with mystery, suspense, romance and intrigue all wrapped up in a nice neat “Little Black Box” He keeps you on the edge of your seat. Makes you laugh, and makes you cry. He delves into the issues of Trust, Loyalty, Devotion, Dedication, and Love for ones Family Heritage. There’s never a dull moment in his latest Novel. With his trusty side kick and partner, his adoring wife and most devoted fan. T.B. Crandall, tickles your taste buds, and wets your appetite for more. With Part three of the Adventures of Jane and Morgan Merriweather.