by Ruth Weddle



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/05/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 368
ISBN : 9781414045009

About the Book

With “Sieg-Hell!” the author relives a little known WWII episode when she was drafted into the German Air Force/Signal Corps to release men for front duty during the war’s final convulsions on its way into the history books.

As a publisher/editor of a monthly specialty magazine for the last 36 years, she’s made friends around the world who urged her for ages to preserve that sliver of history.  So here it is, in novel format, with fictitional names for her cohorts in an escapade which branded her and four other draftees as deserters after a brief “detour” home to Berlin when their troop train was stuck hours nearby – while they were dying to know if their families were still alive.  Upon their voluntary return two days later, they found that AWOL was no desertion thanks to a new law, so they were arrested and prepared to become “examples” to deter other would be deserters.  However, when their interrogator hinted that he could do with just one scapegoat, loyalties, friendships were sorely tested by the “save your butt” syndrome – leaving just on culprit for show trial gun or noose: the author.  What happened?

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About the Author

Born into pre-Hitler Germany (dumb choice), the author survived WWII as a teenager; hooked up as an Assistant Librarian with the “Big Red” soon as it was over; came to the US as one of the first German war-brides and started to hone her writing skills in many fields: geophysics at OSU; advertising/promotion at Ch.11 in Los Angles; tech manuals, legal briefs, legislative analyses – you name it.  Thirty-six years ago she started publishing a monthly magazine for Afghan Hound Lovers and 12 yrs later, added a monthly newsletter for lovers of all species.  In her spare time she published two earlier novels: “The Girl Who Never”, and “Wishmaster Ling”.  Could No. 3 be a charm?