Love Me Not or Love Me Forever

by Spidey Williams



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 25/11/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 116
ISBN : 9781414030500

About the Book

I’m known as Marcus Spidey” Williams the poet of the future A.K.A. The "BoxingPoet". So many people take love for granted, and really do not comprehend nor understand love’s power. Many people say love name everyday not knowing how many different meanings love truly has. Be careful when saying love name in vain, it literally might come back and haunt you for the rest of your life. Before you start reading the book think about your current “love life”. Then think about your past “love life”. Then think about what or how you want your “love life” to be in the future. After you have done these three things. Than asked yourself the question and then answer it as honest as you can. Will you love not or love forever? Which one will you prove to be true? Which one will you truly be guilty of? I hope you have put your thinking caps on and have buckle up your seat belts, because you are going on the ride of your life! A place where most people dare not go. If they do lives are never the same. Because they chose to either love not or love forever. They knew there was no in-between. . .  this book will help you decide never to fall in love, and if they are in love to make sure they stay in love. This book it to show you what love is capable of and to point out the dreadful things you should avoid while in love. This book helps you realize the true power of love!

About the Author

I Am Known As Marcus “Spidey” Williams. I Have been writing since I was 17 years old and senior in high school. This is actually my second book I am getting published. My first book was written when I was 17 and was published when I was 18. My first book was entitled “Poems From The Heart”. It was published through Instantpublisher. Com Unfortunately it was not available worldwide. I will publish “Poems From The Heart again and it will soon be available worldwide through 1stBooks. I have just turned 20 years of age this past September 22. I am currently working on several other books that are soon to be released. I have just recently made a business and a society for all talented poets. I and another talented poet that goes by the name of IAGO the modern day philosopher has created a business and society called Tha Poetic Society. Together we plan to change the world of poetry and give wise words for the ears that can hear and the heart that can listen. You will hear the names of Spidey the Poet Of The Future and Iago The Modern Day Philosopher for the rest of your lives. Our name will live on even after our deaths from generation to generation. God has given me a magnificent mind to think. A magnificent heart to understand what people goes through. I will use this God given gift until I am dead and gone. I was sent to give words of inspiration to those in need, words of wisdom to them who takes heed. I am THE POET OF THE FUTURE MARCUS “SPIDEY WILLAMS”