Death Message From the Past

by Gustave A Boehn III



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 13/05/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 176
ISBN : 9781410728555

About the Book

Tim Marks, a grade school teacher, is beginning his summer vacation by visiting the small seaside town of Ocean Beach, California to patronize the antique shops located there. While browsing through one of the smaller shops, he’s mysteriously drawn to the back isle where he finds his favorite antique radio setting on a shelf. The radio is in perfect condition and he can’t resist buying it. The shop owner informs Tim that he had acquired the radio the previous day from an elderly lady. She had made him aware that it was her daughter’s prize possession, and that she had died fifteen years ago at an early age. It broke her heart to sell it, but she now needs the money.

Tim is unaware that having the antique radio in his possession is about to change his life forever by placing it in jeopardy. His two-year romantic affair with Elaine Carlson is already on shaky ground, but his ownership of the antique radio is about to bring it crashing down. Tim finds that kicking back in his recliner chair while listening to the oldies on his antique radio is more enjoyable than spending time with Elaine. This was brought about by the fact that Elaine is always bringing up the subject of marriage, which is not on Tim’s near term agenda.

One evening while listening to his antique radio, he receives an inexplicable message that sends shivers down his spine. His curiosity causes him to follow the instructions given him, which transports him fifteen years into the past. Upon Tim’s return to the present time period, he becomes involved in the investigation of a fifteen-year, unsolved murder of a young woman that took place in Hemet, California. He had made the young woman a promise while in the past, that he would track down her killer and bring him to justice, so her spirit is no longer earthbound.

About the Author

The author works as an aerospace engineer. His hobbies are photography, kayaking, archery, writing and traveling. The author’s favorite book is: Love By Neshaminy Creek, a true love story. His favorite movies: Key Largo, Casablanca, Full Moon in Blue water, Green Ice and Five Easy Pieces. His favorite vacation spots are the Florida Keys and San Diego, California.