Visions Unusual

by Margo Kirtikar Ph.D.



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/03/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 380
ISBN : 9780759684966

About the Book

Heaven meets earth in the human who is both physical and divine.

In the history of the world, the human family is today at the portal of a major turning point. These changes are already in process and many all over the globe are contributing to this at different levels.

Over the last millennia human beings evolved and developed the five physical senses. The sixth and seventh invisible senses, mind and intuition were accessible only to the few. What characterizes modernity is that, what was available to the few has now become personally accessible and individually important to humanity at large.

This book gives you an in depth insight into several important historical themes of the metaphysical world, at the same time it translates this knowledge in a way that makes it possible for the individual to integrate metaphysics into modern everyday life.

The themes of this book deal with the different phases of consciousness, individual, group and global. Part I and II explains the theory of how spirituality differs from religion, how the human interacts with the cosmos, metaphysics, the importance of independent thinking, mind and intuition development and more. Part III offers practical exercises on how to discover and develop the divine in you.

About the Author

Margo has lived, studied and worked in different cultures: Middle East, Europe and the United States. She is the mother of three daughters and more recently she has become a grandmother. Margo is an avid believer in continued adult education, self-growth and self-transformation.

As an entrepreneur for over 25 years she pursued a career in fashion, real estate, designing, trading and international business. In 1990 she began a teaching and counseling career, in transpersonal psychology and energy healing. Margo has a BA in Business and Economics, degrees in Leadership, Management, Banking, Psychology and Eastern healing techniques, and a BA, MSC and PhD in Metaphysics. She is also an accomplished artist.

It is not surprising that the metaphysical world and spirituality is a very real, natural and integrated part of her life as her origin is both Syrian and Indian. Margo grew up in Iraq, Syria and India with traditional but liberal parents and was since her childhood exposed to many religions and cultures. Today she is a Swiss and a US citizen.

Margo currently lives in Zurich, has a practice, lectures, gives workshops and coaches individuals in consciousness expansion. She is an author of articles and books on self-development and spirituality. Her first book on Change was published in 1995. Visions Unusual is her second book, which focuses on humanity as a family, developing the intangible sixth and the seventh senses, the mind and intuition.