Till Death Do Us Part

by Steven R. Bullock



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/05/2001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 356
ISBN : 9781587215841

About the Book

Till Death Do Us Part is a novel about children who are too busy to listen to their parents.

Joni Forsyth is a popular gynecologist facing the approach of middle age with diminishing rewards from a stressful career. She's got family problems. And she's trapped in a loveless, claustrophobic second marriage. She decides the solution to her problems is to murder her husband.

But Joni can't risk jail; she has a child from her first marriage to consider and so she settles for another divorce. She hires a lawyer and files her case and anxiously awaits her day in court. Just as she's feared, things begin to go wrong. Her telephone lines are tapped. Obscene photos of her show up on the internet. And on her first day in court, her lawyer quits, abandoning Joni to a judge that seems to despise her. It only gets worse. Joni's afraid she's going to lose everything, even her son.

Then her husband conveniently disappears. Joni is, of course, the prime suspect. After all, cruelty runs in her family. Her first husband is a criminal. Her brother is a sociopath. Rumor has it that an uncle died at the hands of Froman Forsyth, Joni's wealthy father, whose myriad sins drove his first wife crazy.

If Joni had only listened in all the years her mother has been trying to talk to her, she'd know there's more to her colorful family history than a Civil War gambler who got thrown off a riverboat. She'd know there's more to the story of two brothers who struggled over a pretty girl and a liquor business until the younger brother won. If she'd listened, Joni would know there really are bodies buried on her father's farm. She'd also know they didn't die the way most people think.

About the Author

Steven Bullock is originally from Tennessee and lives in Huntington Beach, California. He s spent most of his working life practicing medicine but now writes full-time and is finishing his sixth novel. He would like to thank you very much for reading this book. If you have any comments he can be reached at sbullock@socal.rr.com.