The Color of Green

by David Patrick Beavers



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 03/02/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 228
ISBN : 9781585007509

About the Book

Green is young Ben, fresh from Wyoming and falling in love with his roommate, Troy, a young man he'd found in San Francisco and followed down the coast to the small town of Delphi Beach, where they move in with Sanderson, an erratic pornographer with a penchant for drugs and extremes.

Extreme defines Sanderson's relationship with Troy, one of his former boys. Their union is carnal and cruel at times - something that both intrigues and infuriates Ben. But Ben abates his jealousy until Troy comes to him freely, seeking to connect with someone healthy and whole. Troy, though, is deeply linked to Sanderson, who's reluctant to completely let go.

When Sanderson pulls out all stops, he tries to take his Troy-boy down, stealing control of his young man's body by pumping him full of crystal and raping him, all the while reminding Troy of his days and nights as a drugged up whore giving himself up before the camera's lens. Ben happens upon them during Sanderson's controlled brutalizing of Troy. The green, young man loses control. His detachment fails him. Logic and reason are lost as pent up emotions flare and he attacks the attacker. A green, jealous monster he becomes as he nearly kills the transgressor. But monsters don't die and Sanderson's episode leads to some jail time. Time enough to think. Time enough for fear to bleed into Troy's mind. Fear that makes him run - from Sanderson, from Ben, from the life he'd led. He wants to rebuild himself. Separately. Separate from Ben, the one person he may truly love.

Ben retreats slowly from his friends, from his life, turning to the seedier paths that Troy and Sanderson had shared. But all paths intertwine. The darkest paths are paved with green. Money green. Money means freedom. Money is the means through which Ben might find his missing young man.

Sanderson's release triggers his plan for retaliation. For revenge. Through his network of nefarious friends, Sanderson links Troy and Ben back together again for what he hopes to be their last time - as the stars of his final film. Green is sickness. A film for extremist voyeurs. A film of a brutal death within bacchanalian confines that green, young lads cannot comprehend - yet are forced into.

About the Author

David Patrick Beavers is a playwright, screenwriter and the author of a number of books, including - Jackal in the Dark, The Jackal Awakens and Thresholds - originally published by Millivres Books International, as well as Pathways, published by 1stBooks. He is also the scribe of a number of erotic short stories, many of which have appeared in STARbooks anthologies. Beavers is a native Californian originally from Santa Cruz County, who has been living in Los Angeles off and on for way too many years.