The Blackjack Casanova

by Edward Ansara



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/01/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 420
ISBN : 9781585001774

About the Book

'The Blackjack Casanova' is a story that spans 60 years (1930-1990). It takes our protagonist from the poverty of The Great Depression, an orphanage, 20 years of Army service in exotic locales in the Middle East and Europe, then on to Korea and Vietnam. He ends up as CEO of a restaurant empire built on drug money from a foreign cartel. The source of the money comes as a great shock to him late in the narrative.

Often, erotic and frank in language and situations, the story involves family relations, illegitimate children, revenge, a murder trial, the Drug Enforcement Administration and constant womanizing and gambling. The sins of his youth come back to haunt him, causing him to have to solve one crisis after the other. In short, there's something for everyone in the very involved plot that has more twists and turns than a snake's belly. This story is not for children.

'The Blackjack Casanova' will appeal to many audiences. Anyone who had to overcome poor beginnings; anyone seriously involved with two women; anyone who served in any military service; anyone in big business; anyone driven into a corner with no place to turn; anyone who can't resist a beautiful woman; anyone who loves to gamble; anyone who was shown the ways of the world by an older woman - in short, anyone who has to deal with life should read this book.


My thanks to the following people, offices, and publications, without whose contributions of information this book couldn't have been written:

My brothers, the late ROBERT (RIP) and NORMAN ANSARA, of Ricardo's Mexican Restaurant Corporation, Las Vegas, Nevada., for their expertise regarding the construction and operation of Mexican restaurants. BOB, for remembering the geography in and around Boston, Mass., and NORM for adding his military knowledge and experience to mine.

PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICE, The White House, Washington, D.C.

ADMINISTRATION OFFICE, Rockingham Park, Salem, New Hampshire

RALPH LOCKRIDGE, Public Information Office of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Los Angeles, California

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE, Walt Disney World, Florida

RANDALL G. MAGINN, Assistant Vice President--Manager, Home Savings of America, Alhambra, California branch.



SABRI EL FARRA, M. D., Medical Director for Columbia Broadcasting System


ANDY KNOTT, LEANNA RAJK, MARCY O'BOYLE, of the Press Office of The State Attorney of Cook County, Chicago, Illinois

JERRY GORDON, Vice President Guest Relations, The Desert Inn, Las Vegas, Nevada, for information regarding high-stakes gambling. (RIP)

SAMUEL SIFTON, Las Vegas: An Oasis - American Heritage May/June 1990.

ROBERT BURNS, Boston Pops! - Los Angeles Times, July 1, 1990

KERRY DRAGER, San Diego - The Retired Officer, August 1990

ELAINE SHANNON, New Kings of Coke - TIME, July 1, 1991

PAULA ANSARA, (my niece), a Graphic Designer, who helped in the production of my original cover design on her Mac computer.

About the Author

Edward Ansara belongs to five performer's unions and has performed in every medium except the ballet. A Juilliard graduate, he started in radio at the age of 15. After three years, he left radio to prepare for an operatic career that ultimately was interrupted by World War II. He was inducted as a private and came out a captain. Commissioned in the Infantry, he ended up in Special Services in Cairo, Egypt. During the war, he wrote, produced and appeared in many shows for the Army. Many years later, he retired as a lieutenant colonel.

After Juilliard, he wrote, produced, directed, and appeared in shows for conventions in Atlantic City. After stints with the Robert Shaw Chorale in Toscanini concerts, he toured in concert and recorded with the Revelers Quartet, appearing at the Palace in New York, at the White House and 150 cities across the U.S. He has appeared in opera with secondary companies on both coasts: Chautauqua, Town Hall - NYC, Brooklyn Academy of Music and others.

As an actor, he has appeared on stage in New York and Hollywood and in several major movies, such as 'Black Sunday,' and 'Fun With Dick and Jane.' He has appeared in several television series, including 'Hard Copy,' 'General Hospital' and 'The A-Team.' He also has performed in commercials for AT&T, Sprite and Bud Light.

As a writer, he's authored three other books, several screenplays, and the book, music and lyrics to two musical comedies, plus other smaller works in between.