Poetic Discourses

by Saad Ali



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 21/10/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 150
ISBN : 9781728392295

About the Book

Metamorphoses: Poetic Discourses is the 2nd book of poems by Saad Ali. It is a testimony to the quartet of the forces of love, hate, fear and courage as the begetter and annihilator of our existence and transformations. The poems are born as aficionados of the respective quartet. While reflecting upon why and how this quartet influences our being, the poems encourage us to embrace life with all her facets and live as even proactive actors of the dialectical phenomenon that metamorphosis is, for the manifestation of all, small and big, is an embodiment of some form of metamorphosis. This book of poems is an instance of sharing of Saad’s experiences of love, hate, fear and courage with everyone in the world. It is an invitation to a collective and individual contemplative odyssey. And an invitation to making a difference in our own and others’ lives as conscious beings.

About the Author

SAAD ALI was born in Okara, Pakistan in 1980. He is an existential poet and philosopher. He has been brought up in Pakistan and the UK. He has a BSc and MSc in Management Science from University of Leicester, UK. He is a management, marketing, communications and business/academic research consultant and lecturer and trainer/mentor by profession. Saad possesses a broader world view, which is a result of his experiences gained from having lived in a variety of cultural settings. The cogs of Saad’s existential machinery are oiled by the muses of arts. The main components of his poetic discourse include: contemplation and satire. He is the author of Ephemeral Echoes—a debut collection of his poems. Some of his influences include: Vayasa, Homer, Ovid, Bastami, Rumi, Ghalib, Nietzsche and Tagore—to name a few. Feel free to pay him a visit at You can also contact him via Facebook: @owlofpines Instagram: @saadalipoet Twitter: @saadalipoetry Goodreads: