Letters to Andrea

by E. M. Albano



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 27/08/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 208
ISBN : 9781477251836

About the Book

“Letters to Andrea” is book no. 3 of the trilogy, and the sequel to the author’s first novel, “The Widow’s Web. Book no. 2 of the trilogy is a ‘companion novel,’ rather than a continuation of the original story. The reader can enjoy reading the sequel without having read “Martin’s Story.” However, to derive the most pleasure from reading this novel, one should first read “The Widow’s Web.” The events in “Martin’s Story” do appropriately take place between the time frames of these two novels. The story is not meant to demean the society of India in any way. However, it is about an American widow who has chosen to use her fortune to improve the quality of life for others less fortunate and to rescue the 'children of the street.' It's also about the uncanny events that places a young widow in the throws of an unpredictable love affair.

About the Author

E. M. Albano was born in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania. After an unsuccessful first year of studies at the Pennsylvania State University, he pursued a career as an Arthur Murray dance instructor. Two years later, he enlisted and spent 2 ½ years of a three year term with the US Army in France where he became enamored with the city of Paris. After returning to the states he found a new profession in real estate and was married for twelve years. Shortly after his divorce, he re-entered university studies and earned his undergraduate degree in 1987 and his Master Degree in Humanities the following year--both from Penn State University. His off-campus studies have included research in journalism in London, studies in French grammar in Paris, and condensed studies of the Italian language in Perugia, Italy. The author has traveled extensively including trips to the former Soviet Union, Japan, and most recently South America. He admits to gaining most of his inspiration for writing in Paris where he occupies a rented studio each year. This is the author’s fifth novel.