North & South

The Confederate Soldiers

by Stacy Wright



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/10/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 244
ISBN : 9781452003870

About the Book

Billy Ray McBride was a guy who had it all worked out. He had a future planned after college, a great girl, loving parents, the works. That is, until his twenty first birthday, when all of that was taken away. On this fateful day, his father was murdered, setting a string of events into play that will change his life forever.


Walter McBride is a career man with the FBI, and is ready to walk away. Retirement is calling to him, and he is more than ready to heed the call. For too long, there have been too many long nights, too many fatherless occasions, too much strain on his life and marriage. The time has come for him to close his records and file them away. The announcement of this glorious decision is his gift to his son, on this fateful day.


Over twenty years with the FBI gives a man a chance to make enemies. Walter’s was a mobster who was in his sights for most of Walter’s career. He should have informed the Callistone syndicate of his decision. Too close for comfort, a price was put on Walter’s life. Billy Ray McBride sat and watched, as his father was gunned down right in front of him, on this fateful day.


Love, hope and happiness are replaced by anger, hate and vengeance. His father’s murder case was being swept under the carpet, giving him the self appointed duty of serving justice. Billy becomes a driven man who will not stop until the death of his father is avenged. This brings on a constant battle raging inside him, with morality as the subject. To overcome this and save the innocent, he must cast away his rage, putting others first, before himself.


This is Billy’s story…

About the Author

Inspiration comes from personal experiences in life. I was, in my youth, a big fan of “Professional” wrestling. In the south, during the seventies, it was as much a part of the culture, as college football. Later in life, when my uncle joined the tag team ranks, I was always the first to go watch the matches. One night, they needed a referee that he and his tag team partner could beat up. My brief career as a referee was born. I enjoyed the limelight of center stage, and learned how to take a punch the hard way. Even though I never had the physique to be a “wrastler”, I can honestly say that I had my time in the ring just the same. To all of the guys who showed me the ropes, here’s to you.