The Generation that Saved America

Surviving the Great Depression

by Bettye B. Burkhalter



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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/12/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 292
ISBN : 9781452031422

About the Book

History, Romance, & Destiny

The Third Novel in the Trilogy

Dr. John Burel's great-grandson, John Harrison, was a toddler when his family pioneered from South Carolina to Mississippi. As a youngster, he proudly helped his family bellwether the Civil War and rebirth of the New South. By the early 1900s, he was a prosperous farmer and landowner. Time passed quickly, and too soon he was an old man. Join Grandpa and feel the biting north wind as he shuffled onto the front porch, cupped his hands around his mouth, and shouted, "It's hog-killing day!" Watch the bustling families rush toward the big house to slaughter enough hogs to carry them through the winter. Summer finally arrived and brought old-time gospel singing and preaching to their country church on the hill. Mama rose early on Sunday morning and filled her basket with fried chicken, biscuits, baked sweet potatoes, and fried apple pies. After preaching there was going to be another dinner-on-the-ground. Everyone was excited. Without a doubt, those were the good years.

But all that changed. Walk down the dismal road with the Burrell family as they helplessly watched the reckless Roaring Twenties and Great Depression bring a flourishing economy and their comfortable lifestyle to a grinding halt. Feel Grandpa's pain and humiliation when the bank called in his Deed-of-Trust, and he was forced to sell his last 640-acre farm and home for a few dollars. Sit for awhile and listen to his grandson, Cecil Allen Burrell, The Man Himself, as his thought-provoking stories detail how they all survived those disastrous years. With their eyes on the future, John Harrison's children and grandchildren navigated their way back into prosperity and eventually reclaimed their part of the American dream & the same dream brought to America by their Great3-Grandfather, Dr. Jean-Baptiste Elzear Burel in 1778.

About the Author

Bettye Burrell Burkhalter is a Vice President, Associate Provost, and Professor Emerita at Auburn University. Academic research and fellowships with Auburn University, the International Academy of Astronautics, and the British Interplanetary Society sent her around the world. Why this book? To give her eighty-nine-year-old father, Cecil A. Burrell, something to look forward to each day as his fast declining health sent him down his last road into the sunset. The second reason was to capture universal rudiments lying at the heart of the human spirit: loyalty to God and country with a deep and abiding love for family. Although this book is the third one in the trilogy, it was the first one written. It is a testament to the author’s uncompromising vision to recapture the lifestyle and times of the Burrell Clan as they rebuilt the New South after the Civil War, survived the Great Depression, and accepted the tragedies of World War II. Oftentimes, those years were difficult and brutal, but the independent and determined family, along with thousands of other hard-working ordinary families, emerged stronger and more prosperous than before. It was the American way — and who they were as a people. Although Dr. Burkhalter worked and visited in over a dozen countries, she prefers the quiet countryside at her rustic log home retreat in west Alabama. There in the unique beauty and quiet of nature she does most of her writing. “There is no substitute for awakening to a sunrise with singing birds, hearing a whippoorwill’s lonesome call to his mate at dusk, or watching lightning bugs flash by on a warm summer night,” she explains. Bettye and her husband Boyd have two wonderful daughters, Angela (Angie) and April, and one granddaughter, Katherine (Katie). She and Boyd also live in Auburn, Alabama.