On Becoming Human

by Arthur Niehoff



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 09/12/1999

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 496
ISBN : 9781585002580

About the Book

Highly informative, yet fun to read, On Becoming Human describes the long journey of humankind from the dawn of prehistory to the space age. In the first half of each chapter fact-based scenarios describe the cultural era; while the second half is in a question and answer format, derived from the first part. It truly reads like a novel, though being soundly based on anthropology and history.

'What makes this book so intriguing is the style in which the information is presented. Niehoff begins each chapter with a story, which describes a fictional group of pre-people at a given time in prehistory. These stories outline the day-to-day struggles that were required for survival, and add a tremendous amount of color to what might have been a dry delivery of facts and dates.

'Following the fictional scenarios, Niehoff uses a question and answer format to delve further into the subject, adds details, and explains how such vivid portrayals can be discerned from such limited data.

'In the introduction, Niehoff writes, he set out to create a book that is 'intriguing, informative and fun.' In my opinion he hit the mark.'

James Hitchsock, Battle Creek Shopper News.

About the Author

Author Niehoff (pen name) who has a Ph.D. in anthropology, has done research for 50 years in most parts of the world. He has also been a college teacher for 40 years. Since his retirement, he has been publishing books of history and anthropology, both fiction and non-fiction.