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Authors in the News features AuthorHouse authors with a book that has been nominated for an award or featured in select national media outlets. Please visit our Twitter page for more authors in the news.

The Tragedy at the Loomis Street Crossing

Chuck Spinner

The worst disaster in the Burlington Railroad's history claimed 45 lives, but went largely unnoticed by historians until Chuck Spinner published The Tragedy at the Loomis Street Crossing. During five years of painstaking research, he uncovered the histories of the victims, interviewed eye witnesses, and talked with survivors and rescue workers.

Because of the interest generated by Chuck's book, a monument was built at the crash site. While it's dedicated to the crash victims, it also honors the courageous rescue workers who responded to the call for help. You can read more about Chuck Spinner and The Tragedy at the Loomis Street Crossing in an upcoming Author's Digest article.

Autumn and Winter: Seasoned by God

Meshelle Brown

Autumn And Winter: Seasoned by God introduces readers to the changing seasons, as well as God's wondrous blessings all year-round. Author Meshelle Brown was featured in a radio-interview with voice actor and producer J. Douglas Barker. This is the perfect book for nature lovers, for Christians who love reading about God, and for poetry lovers in general.

The Journey Within

Dinesh Patel and Praful Patel

The Journey Within takes readers on an epic ride across the African safari through the eyes of photographer and self-published author Dinesh Patel. Using his collection of wildlife photography from over the last 50 years, Patel has brought the African landscape right into the homes of readers and book lovers everywhere. Just recently, the online publication Bangor Daily News was able to talk to Patel about and the book and his conservation efforts. You can read the feature here.

Otter Tales

Kathleen Morrissey

Kathleen Morrissey teaches the importance of listening to your parents through a fun and creative way in her self-published book, Otter Tales. In an adventure-filled tale about three young otters who venture out into the wild on their own, Morrissey instills the moral that parents do know best.

The book recently earned a couple of positive reviews. The blog Kelly’s Thoughts On Things praised the book for its “appeal to children of various ages and reading levels”, while the blog Mommy’s Gone Shopping Again recognized the “lessons entwined in the story.” It was also included in the April “Books of the Month” list of the blog SoCal City Kids.

Beloved Enemy

Sheila Munds-Belbin

Sheila Munds-Belbin draws upon the experience of her friend who lived in World War 2–torn France to write and self-publish her book, Beloved Enemy. The story revolves around a young British woman who is sent to go behind enemy lines and seduce a German colonel. However, she falls in love with her target, setting the stage for conflicts in war, duty, and forbidden love. Beloved Enemy was recently made it to the summer reading list of the blog, the classy chics and Magic City Morning Star’s Book Basket.

Laughing Through Life

Larry Moran

Self-published author Larry Moran is a serious man that has had serious jobs. After working as a spokesman for the United States Department of Commerce for over three decades and, prior to that, as a newspaper journalist in his native state of Indiana, one would imagine Moran to be as hardened as they come—but not quite, as he clearly illustrates in his book Laughing Through Life, an amusing read filled with anecdotes from his childhood and his professional career. Moran opens up about the books and his disposition in this feature in the Capital Gazette. He shares more of his experiences growing up in Carmel, Indiana, in these interviews by Fox 59 and WTHR.

Role Model Ricky’s Big Birthday Bash

Jeremy & Janel Miller

Parents Jeremy and Janel Miller aimed to instill good values in their three children: Drew and twins Luke and Tom. They wanted to share their teachings with other parents and children as well, so together, they wrote and self-published Role Model Ricky’s Big Birthday Bash. The children’s book follows birthday boy Ricky who teaches others about the importance of having good manners, sharing, and being respectful of others. The Miller family and their book were featured in an article published on Winona Daily News.

Love and Wisdom

Jennifer Abrahams

In the self-published book Love and Wisdom, minister, speaker, singer/songwriter, and now author Jennifer Abrahams talks about what it means to find one’s self first before diving headlong into a relationship. In this article published on the website Zestnow, she takes things further and offers five ways to be wise in love. To read the full article that tackles the attributes that a woman can offer to worthy partner, you can click here.

The Christianity Myth

K. A. G. Thackerey

Church-attending atheist, retired chemist, and self-published author K.A.G. Thackerey explores the origins of Christianity with his controversial book The Christianity Myth. An eye-opening expose that challenges the very existence of Christianity, the book and its many riveting ideas were talked about by Thackery in an interview on the Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show. Listen to the animated discussion here.

Buying & Owning Property in Central Florida

Garrett Kenny

When it comes to purchasing overseas property especially in the growing hub of Central Florida, property expert and self-published author Garrett Kenny shows you the ropes with his book Buying & Owning Property in Central Florida. A comprehensive source of vital information for anyone who is looking to buy property in and around the region, Kenny’s book takes you through each step of the buying process and then some. Recently, Kenny was featured in the Big Blend Magazines where he talked about his expertise, the industry, his book, and company among other things. You can check out that feature here.

Vulnerability: Poems & Short Stories

Luxi Xu

Self-published author Luxi Xu is not your typical sixteen-year-old teenager. Vulnerability: Poems and Short Stories will tell you that as the Portugal native with Chinese heritage reaches deep down into her well of emotions and touches on a variety of subjects, ranging from love, life, to humanity. Get to know more about this fascinating young lady in this feature on the website

A Life in Two Worlds

Thomas Hughes

This memoir, which was penned by Thomas Hughes, recounts the horrifying experiences of the author who as a child was abducted by German soldiers who were hell bent on extracting information from his father, a commander in the military at the height of World War 2. In a feature on the website of Today’s Honoree, Hughes opens up and talks about what the experience was like and shares the encounter of meeting one of his captors later in life.

Edeh’s Charity Peace Model (ECPM)

Emmannual Edeh

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS, as it more notoriously known, has hogged the headlines of late in part to the discord and rancor that it has displayed in regions across the Middle East. But in spite of the hideous acts that have often been described as nothing short of evil, self-published author Emmannual M. P. Edeh believes that peace can still be achieved with groups like ISIS and Boko Haram. In an interview in the website The Christian Post , Edeh also mentions that peace is “really possible” through the mmadi philosophy..

Torn Together: One Family’s Journey Through Addiction, Treatment, & the Restaurant Industry.

Shaaren Pine and Scott Magnuson

Substance abuse is a major issue in the restaurant business that rarely gets talked about. Restaurant owners Scott Magnuson and Shaaren Pine hopes to change all that with their self-published offing Torn Together. A joint memoir of the couple, the book chronicles Scott’s struggles with excessive drinking and drug abuse, which was exacerbated by the fact that the latter owned his own bar and restaurant called the Argonaut. Read all about their journey in this feature in the Washington Post’s website and in this video on My Fox DC.

The Monster Under My Web

Charlene Gresham

Retired school teacher and self-published author Charlene Gresham’s second title, The Monster Under My Web, gained an approving critique from The Portsmouth Review, with the latter describing the book as “a great way to get kids to try new things.” The review also went on to praise Gresham’s book for its ability to “enable kids to become more extroverted as well as concentrate on fears that they have and why they have them.”

The Monster Under My Web is a picture book that centers around the spider Annabel who receives a birthday present that she’s fearful of. The story goes on to explore how the quirky arachnid works to face her fears and eventually get over them.

Peter and the Boycott

Yolanda L. Everett

The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a pivotal event in American history, whose significance reverberates across America to this day. On December 5, 1955, the Montgomery Improvement Association, headed by Dr. Martin Luther King, led the mass protest that was sparked by the arrest of Rosa Parks four days earlier.

The story behind that rousing moment in history is wonderfully told through the eyes of ten-year-old Charles Peter Everett in the book Peter and the Boycott, which was penned by the latter’s daughter, Yolanda Everett. The book goes on to tell the story of Peter’s experiences and his awakening during the racially charged era. Eager to share the values of that event, Yolanda speaks about her book to her class over at Sandtown Middle School. Read on to know how that went in this feature on You can also listen to Everett talk about her book in this feature on the website of the radio station 90.1 WABE.

Only Jody Knows

By Craig B. Ewald

Only Jody Knows, a novel by self-published author Craig Ewald, takes a look at one of South Dakota’s most mysterious cold cases—the disappearance of a young girl named Jody from her home near Red Elm, South Dakota, in the middle of the night. The book was called “a twisted, up-all-night story” in this feature on the website of the radio station KSOO. In addition, the website of the radio station Kickin’ Country 100.5 promised readers that they will love this book as it “masterfully told one of South Dakota’s strangest and tragic cold cases yet.”

The Legend of Joe Golfer

Chris Kalwa

From birdie putts to bogeys, to landing in the greens or in the bushes, Chris Calwa shares his twelve-year journey on and off the golf course in his self-published book, The Legend of Joe Golfer. The book, a looking-glass perspective into what goes in and around the beloved and sometimes maddening game of golf, recently got the attention of the’s Jeff Shelley who included the book in his roundup.

Grant Me

Em Perna

Grant Me is the work of self-published author Em Perna—a wild ride of a love story chock-full of twists and turns that revolves around the central character, Neva Matthews, a single mom working two jobs to support herself and her son. The author was recently interviewed by Female First where she talked about her title and her unique love for storm chasing among other interest-piquing things.

Candyland S.I.N.S.

Joan Barrett

As a member of SINS (Singles INternet-dating Services) with eight years of experience in the online dating scene, Joan Barrett decided to publish Candyland S.I.N.S., a guide to mature online dating. Recently, her book landed on the recommended list of Book Time section of the website where it was described as a “practical and emotional guide on how to prepare for and enjoy dating online during the later years of life.” She was also a guest on a Huffington Post live segment that discussed what life was like for a single senior looking for love on the worldwide web.


Robert B. Sherman

Sherman’s book, Moose, was featured as book of the week in the Communicore Weekly podcast. The hosts talked about how it was a pleasant surprise to learn more about Sherman’s stories, thoughts, and feelings as well as his life and his experiences and his side of the story of the widely publicized feud with his brother, and other half of the Sherman Brothers American songwriting duo, Richard M. Sherman. Head over to to listen to the podcast. The book was also described as “worth the read” in this article at

Retire Wealthy

Eric D. Brotman

Eric Brotman has a lot to say about how you should be spending and saving your money. As a CFP, AEP, MSFS, and the president of his own firm, Brotman Financial Group, Inc., there are plenty of reasons why you should listen to what he has to say. It’s no surprise then that when Retire Wealthy, Brotman’s second book with AuthorHouse, was released, numerous media outlets sought to cover it. To start the year right, the financial expert dishes out some tips to improve managing your finances in this video and tips on how to push through on your financial resolutions on radio interviews that you can find here.

He also espouses saving up for retirement here. Brotman was also nominated for an award in the adult nonfiction category of the Storytellers Campfire Marble Awards. You can view the full list of nominees at this website. And finally, the president and managing principal of the Brotman Financial Group’s work was quoted in this article on the Deseret News National.

The book is also currently featured on Now It Counts’ blog, FN Arena, and on the Reuters site in several videos. In addition you can watch as he discusses social security, housing, and making key financial decisions in retirement here, here, and here. Brotman also encourages readers to create a “retirement checklist” which he talks about here.

9-1-1 What is Your Emergency?

Lucille Tulumello

With this book, Tulumello wanted to share her experiences during her years as a 911 dispatcher. Though also containing serious and chilling real-life emergencies, most of the book features unedited conversations that are as lighthearted as they are improbable. 9-1-1 Magazine recently described the stories told within the book as “funny, bizarre, and sometimes sad—and thus an accurate assemblage of the kinds of calls 9-1-1 dispatchers take during a wild and crazy shift—or throughout a career,” in this review.

The U-T San Diego praised the book for giving an honest picture of the work Tulumello has done for nineteen years, sparing no detail on the humorous and painful sides of the job. Tulumello was also recently interviewed on the KPBS evening edition. On top of that, the book was also given praise by Valley Planet in its NewLit issue.

The Life and Times of Birdie Mae Hayes

Jeri-Anne Agee

After retiring from the corporate world early, Alabama-native Jeri-Anne Agee wanted to bring to life a memorable southern character that young readers can adore and relate to. In came Birdie Mae Hayes, the star of the Agee’s first book entitled The Life and Times of Birdie Mae Hayes: Friends Forever. The author, a mother of three, and her book was given rave reviews by the Times-Gazette, getting described “very readable” and “is sure to delight.” You can read the complete article here.

The Door of the Heart

Diana Finfrock Farrar

With the Presbyterian Church in Amarillo, Texas, voting to change the wording of the “Worship” portion of their Book of Order from being between a man and a woman to being between two people, self-published author Diana Finfrock Farrar shared her elation and her thoughts on the matter in an article on The issue is one near to her heart with her book, bringing gay issues home and depicting the mental and emotional work people must do to change their views and accept each other.

Armor of Glass: A Novel

R.M.A. Spears

R.M.A. Spears is a retired marine with a decorated career that spans 27 years in both the US Marine Corps and the US Navy. This wealth of experience is what enabled Spears to write Armor of Glass, the story of a marine at the end of his rope, who gets caught up in an affair with a high-ranking woman with a troubled past biting at her heels. Military Writers recently featured Spears on their website, adding it to their list of noteworthy army novels.

The Legacy of Two Gemini Knights

Geoff Logan

When Logan wasn’t busy lecturing students at Curtin University, he dedicated much of his free time to the research of the Logan brothers of Lanark, or as some would call them, the Gemini Knights. Using the protagonist William McBride, Logan weaves a story around his unearthed knowledge, revealing many secrets about the brothers Templar. The Magic City Morning Star’s R.P. BenDedek has reviewed the book, stating that he thoroughly enjoyed it, among other things. More recently, Logan has appeared as a guest blogger on Time to Keep it Simple, to talk about the difficulties in writing an accurate genealogy, and what a writer can do to work around them.

…And away we went!

Larry Austin

Larry Austin’s sixty years in the travel agency business have been nothing short of eventful. From recounting hectic rushes to hotels that were fully booked, swooping in to save some of his staff during a war in Iran, or learning that he had just become a grandfather as he was about to board a plane, one could certainly spin several movie scripts out of Austin’s life. Austin has settled for one book instead, and his illustrious career was highlighted by Long Islander News on their website. Travel Market Report also recently featured at the 83-year-old who opened up about his family business, the industry, and his plethora of experiences.

Herd Immunity

Chudi Nwawka

Chudi Nwawka is a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist looking to spread the word about immunity. Through an allegorical tale about the state of the world and terrorist intrigue, Nwawka hopes to leave a lasting impression on how prevention of something harmful can apply to nearly every facet of life. To illustrate some concrete examples, he has taken to Magic City News in a guest article to talk about his book and concepts.

New China

Jim Hammond

There have been many travel blogs by tourists to places like China, but in his book, Jim Hammond speaks about the orient as a person well integrated into their culture. Hammond did not visit China on a vacation trip, he lived there, married there, and taught English there. New China reveals certain aspects of everyday Chinese life not apparent to foreigners simply passing through, such as the subtle yet ubiquitous influence of the Chinese Communist Party. Voice of America recently interviewed Hammond on their website to ask him about his opinion China’s future.

The Little Bear Who Wanted to Play the Cello and Others

Ruzanna Topchyan

Topchyan’s passion for teaching has fueled her teaching career, and also her love of writing on the side. While primarily an author in her native Armenian tongue, this book is her first foray into publishing books in English. Topchyan states, "We are surrounded by fables. We just need to have closer look at life to identify the themes. You can create a fable yourself. Give it a try!"

No Place for a Lady

Thea Rosenbaum

Rosenbaum’s life has no shortage of bravery on her part. From surviving World War II as a child, becoming the first woman stockbroker at Oppenheimer and Co., and being at the forefront of the Vietnam War as the only woman correspondent, she has always proven her peers wrong about what she can and cannot do. Recounting her time spent on the Vietnam warfront in this book, Rosenbaum managed to catch the attention of Women’s eNews, which featured her exploits on their website.

Highs, Lows, Plateaus

Anne Burleigh Jacobs, PT, PhD

If there’s anyone who can tell you how to do something as challenging as recovering from a stroke, it would be Dr. Jacobs. Her expertise in physical therapy is underscored by 25 years of practice, along with being a co-founder of the Pacific Stroke Association, as well as being a contributor to a neuroscience textbook. GTN News recentlytalked to Dr. Jacobs about her book, which breaks down simple steps to recovering from strokes and other brain/spinal column injuries in a very welcoming, conversational style.

The Veteran Next Door

Randall Baxter

While there are a number of personal war stories published into books, Randall Baxter’s The Veteran Next Door is unique in that the author hosts a radio show that regularly features actual war vets from World War II to Iraq. This mix of stories through generations of war not only gives insight on personal experiences by each of the former soldiers, but also allows the reader to see trends that have continued throughout years of bloodshed. This special insight was noted and praised by Armchair General, who posted an extensive review of the book.

The Pre-Natal Assignment

Angela M. Rucker

Rucker uses her experience as an international minister and lecturer to paint an uncompromising journey of determinist self-discovery. Her book about how to find and assess one’s predetermined purpose in life is an exercise in fulfillment, and she was recently featured in the New and Notable review on

Foothold in the Mountain

Constance Caruso

Telling her story from the days she was known as ‘Connie’, Caruso weaves her life into a journey full of hardships, from suddenly becoming a single mother desperately trying to make ends meet in a time when women were heavily judged, to hosting a small television show in the 70s. Books without Borders featured her novel in their Not Born Yesterday! publication, calling it a cutting-edge story.

The Inside Story – Biblical Personalities

Rabbi Joseph Friedman, Esq.

Rabbi Friedman is both a practical and spiritual man, having spent his early years at the Yeshiva Academy in Baltimore before becoming a lawyer. His choice to ultimately follow in his father’s rabbinical footsteps led him to write this book, which examines and dissects no less than nineteen Biblical personalities. The rabbi’s pragmatic approach to scripture has also recently been featured on the Jewish Telegraph, and you can view his profile here.

Second Arc of the Great Circle

Peter B. Cannon

When one thinks of a true-to-life written memoir, a midair marriage aboard a blimp and a sailing voyage from Bermuda to Majorca are certainly not the first things that come to mind. Such is the life of Peter B. Cannon, whose book about how his wandering and sometimes bordering-on-fantastical experiences have led Star News to posit if he could be the most interesting man to ever come out of Wilmington. They could very well be right.

The Magazine Body Diet

Sarosh Quereshy, MD PM&R

Dr. Quereshy’s achievements just keep piling up. Finishing training at the prestigious Cornell Medical Center, Dr. Quereshy continued to create the Q-Force Exercise Regimen as well as write this book, which outlines flexible healthy living options for anyone looking to make a positive change in their life and on their bodies. His book even contains useful information for parents looking to raise children in a healthier environment, and his expertise has recently been shared in’s weight-loss section.

The Darkness Behind Me

T. J. Shannon

Shannon’s period novel of the ’60s attempts to capture the political and social unrest of the times and distill it into a jaded protagonist, unsatisfied with his existence, and subsequently caught up in murders and corporate espionage. His work is ultimately a reflection of the state of a country caught up in trying to play the good guy. For his great insight on the subject of the Vietnam War and other such political controversies, Shannon was featured in the Magic City Morning Star in his own guest article.

Old Spouse’s Tales About Animals

Jim Gaines, DVM

Dr. Gaines is a story unto himself, having created an animal care and kennel system still used throughout military bases in Asia, and also having cared for over 500 army dogs through the years. While retired from the military, Dr. Gaines has utilized all his expertise to write a book that aims to dispel all the old -wives’ tales about taking care of pets. The Joplin Independent recently reviewed Gaines’s book on their website, praising its unique insights about domesticated animals.

The Snowball Effect

Kristin Cuthriell

Kristin Cuthriell is a licensed psychotherapist, and even founded her own website on the subject ( She has also written a book of the same title, which was published at the start of the year. Cuthriell’s mantra of letting go of resentment, harsh self-judgments, and explosive reactions has led many a reader to fight off negativity in their lives. For this positive influence, her book was featured in the Virginia Book Notes section of the Richmond Times- Dispatch.


Neil Flanzraich

Geniuses tells the story of Roxanne Reynolds, and her adventures as one of the Western Hemisphere “Geniuses”— a select group of people with immensely high IQ levels and accompanying mental powers, as they combat the Geniuses of the Eastern Hemisphere. For Flanzraich though, this was more than a tale of superpowered minds, but a way to communicate with his children despite his busy schedule as the CEO of a biotech company, and a board member of two more. His emphasis on the importance of storytelling to one’s children was recently condensed into a feature article on Today’s Parent.

Life’s Statements

Delores M. Artemus

Delores Artemus not only keeps her life sorted out with her passion for writing and photography, but also uses these talents to help others with their own lives. Life Statements is a book of quotes and anecdotes on how to live a more fulfilling life, and is framed by Artemus’ own pictures from her travels, including the cover itself. This inspiring book has gotten her media buzz as she was recently featured on WWAY’s website.

Four Dogs and Their Tales

Marcella Bursey Brooks

Brooks paints a lighthearted story of how four dogs and their different owners developed relationships over the common bond of dog agility. This book not only explores the relationship of man with fellow man or dog with fellow dog, but also shows how an animal’s behavior can mimic its owner’s, and vice versa. Read Views featured Brooks’ book on their site and commended her for writing an excellent piece for dog lovers.

Casting Lots

William McEachern

Attempting to put a historic spin on fascination with early Christianity, William McEachern tells the story of the burgeoning effects of the religion on ancient Rome through Lucinius, a slave made to interview one of the centurions to crucify Jesus Christ. His expertise on this particular period of history allowed him a feature spot on the Magic City Morning Star.

Love and Terror

Dorothy Weil

Love and Terror tells the story of Judith and how three generations of her family came together to save her husband. Long-time author Dorothy Weil’s dramatic tale of Midwestern life has impressed Ceil Cleveland, the founding editor of Columbia Magazine and more recently landed her a spot on Fox19 to discuss the novel.

Both Sides

Alexandra Ginty, MD

Doctors are not immune to the diseases they themselves treat, and Alexandra Ginty felt that in full force when she was diagnosed with cancer. However, instead of letting these circumstances weigh her down, she turned to writing and published a collection of poems and musings in Both Sides. Her inspiring story has caught the eye of such publications as the Hamilton Spectator, and she was recently featured on their website.

Orienteering Made Simple and GPS Technology

Nancy Kelly

Made to foster a love for nature in the youth today, Nancy Kelly’s instructional book is a great way to integrate the sport of orienteering into any school curriculum. Kelly’s efforts to raise awareness for this form of outdoor activity were not left unnoticed as Lohud News featured her for a video interview. More recently, Kelly and her book have been featured in an online discussion on Kiwi6, an article on ActionHub, and have been selected for the Children’s Bookwatch by the MidWest Book Review.

Bre-X: Dead Man’s Story?

Alfred Lenarciak

Lenarciak played a minor role in the auctioning of the Bre-X mining scandal of the nineties. After laying down insider facts about the whole hoax, the book delves into a supposed reveal of what happened to the infamous project manager that jumped out of a helicopter to his death. The intrigue surrounding Lenarciak’s book recently earned him a feature in the Canadian Mining Journal. Read More.

Never Worry About Retirement Again

Aaron Campbell

Aaron Campbell channels his financial expertise into simplifying the retirement income process in his latest book. The ABA Banking Journal has nothing but good words to say about Campbell’s clear and concise guide to having a stress-free retirement, stating that “Campbell’s desire to inform the reader is clear, as is his target: those who are beginning to seek answers.” Read More.

The Clearing

Melanie Jett

Melanie Jett follows in the footsteps of her favorite authors, Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult, with her book about the intrigue surrounding a quiet country love triangle. Touted for not being your typical love story, the book lives up to its words as it generates enough buzz for Melanie to be featured on WDTV 5’s News. Watch the full interview here.

What to Do Before You Say “I Do”

Susan Ziggy

Having been featured in the news before, Ziggy is familiar with having the spotlight trained on her. Now instead of sharing her thoughts herself, her book is featured on Kost 103.5 Internet radio. Karen Sharp of Kost had nothing but praise for how Susan laid out a down to earth self-reflective approach to viewing marriage.

The Well Kept Secret

Ginette Ausman

Ausman’s passion for her family ultimately led her to publishing her book with AuthorHouse in order to help other parents build better relationships with their children. She was recently given the opportunity to be a guest writer and posted an article on Today’s Parent to share her thoughts on the importance of grandparents in a child’s life and vice versa.

Toddlers on Technology

Patti Summers, A. DeSollar, H. Leathers

Patti Wollman Summers has teamed up with full-time mother Heather Ibrahim-Leathers and neuropsychologist Ann DeSollar, PhD, to break down how toddlers think and live in this new digital age of quick learning. The book aims to be a how-to guide for raising a child who is constantly glued to an iPad or other mobile device, from the best child-friendly apps to the right balance of digital and real-life activity. These women have shared their thoughts on across numerous media including a radio talk show, the HLN Morning Express to talk about Fisher-Price products, and a feature on Raising Arizona Kids e- magazine.

The Chroniciles of Elizabeth Highland

Elizabeth Highland

Elizabeth Highland reaches out to the millions of people in the US that have experiences in online dating with her own published exposé. In telling the story of her online love with Timothy Blumefield, Highland spans 40 years of humorous events and soul searching adventure, culminating in a book that gained enough exposure to be featured on La Voz de La Calle’s online publication.Read more

Penelope’s Imagination Runs Wild

A. J. Funn

A. J. Funn brings his GlyffixTM system to AuthorHouse for a fun-filled children’s book. Funn’s book tells the story of a girl who travels back in time, meets aliens, and experiences all kinds of craziness –—the catch is that the story is told in the New age hieroglyphics Funn invented. Children will be challenged to decipher the story to enjoy it, making the book equal parts story and puzzle. CBC News recently caught up with Funn to discuss his book’s unique storytelling style. Read more

The Battle of the Three Wills

H. Edward Schrier

AuthorHouse author H. Edward Schrier’s book combines religious experience with self-help instructional. Schrier wished to give readers insight on their free will, according to Bible scripture and other research materials, to better go about their lives. The points raised in the book were intriguing enough for WBKV radio to interview Schrier on their morning show.Listen in here

The Contest: A Stepper's Dream or Nightmare

Gregory B. Dickerson

Author Gregory B. Dickerson is featured in an article on Staten Islands Live. He was invited to be a speaker in an open education forum to address sensitive issues such as the “N” word. This issue is the topic in Dickerson’s first book, Steven: The Education of a Young Black’s Mind published with AuthorHouse in 2009.The forum will be held on Oct. 17, at New Springville's Barnes and Noble.

50 Favs of the '60s '70s '80s

Fred John Del Bianco Jr.

Fred John Del Bianco Jr.’s historical novel 50 Favs of the '60s '70s '80s was chosen as one of the finalists for the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards. The book is a collection of one-hundred fifty Pop Culture topics from the exciting decades of change in America—1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

Distant Dreams but Closer Realities

Ronya Henderson

Distant Dreams but Closer Realities, a novel by Ronya Henderson, won in the Religion Fiction category of the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards. The book tells the story of Lisha Dillard, a career-oriented woman who struggles with finding her destiny and living life as a godly person.

The Seed: A Novel of India

Barbara Larriva

Barbara Larriva’s novel, The Seed: A Novel of India, was chosen as one of the finalists in the Multicultural-Fiction category of The National Indie Excellence Book Awards 2013. The book tells the inspiring story of Raju, a spirited youth who forms an unlikely friendship with the mystical boodhi, who guides him on his quest to self-discovery.

Beautifully Broken

C.L. Ford

Yorkton News announces the release of C. L. Ford’s novel, Beautifully Broken. This novel began as Ford’s journal, a sort of therapy after the bad ending of a long-term relationship. As she got better, she felt that it had become a story worth sharing with the world, thus her decision to publish with AuthorHouse.

Meet Chomps

The Weatherby Brothers

Can a zombie and a human boy possibly become friends? The answer is yes in the Weatherby brothers’ children’s story, Meet Chomps. The authors tell Freestone County Times that their book is different in that it portrays zombies as something other than dangerous creatures.
Written in rhyme, Meet Chomps is sure to engage young readers and teach them an important lesson: overcoming fear.

Moria’s Time

Dayna Leigh Cheser

The 19th century was a time when women were still confined to the house or relegated only to household chores. But in author Dayna Leigh Cheser’s new novel, Moria Grayson dares to dream of becoming a doctor.
This story of a woman who strives to fight against the rules set by the patriarchy is the second in a series. An article in the Naples News announced the book’s release date of September 2, 2013.

The Legend of the Lamp: A Time Travel Romance

Kristin Ruggaber

The Old West has inspired many books, films, and comic books. Kristin Ruggaber’s The Legend of the Lamp: A Time Travel Romance is a new addition to the Old West genre. What makes this novel unique is that it’s “written in a retro 60s style that reflected the values of integrity and hard work.”

The Sassafras Tree

Lynnette Randoll

Randoll, a Bloomsdale city clerk, has recently published her first children’s book through AuthorHouse. Randoll tells the Ste. Genevieve Herald of her longstanding wish to write down an idea that she’s had for years that culminated to the publishing of The Sassafras Tree.

The Civil War Months: A Month-by-Month Compendium of the War Between the States

Walter Coffey

The Civil War Months: A Month-by-Month Compendium of the War Between the States, a historical novel by Walter Coffey, was chosen as one of the finalists for The National Indie Excellence Book Awards 2013. The book is a gripping resource guide to the historical event as it explores the true causes of the Civil War and outlines the conflict in a comprehensive monthly summary. Key facts and myths that are excluded from mainstream text are also discussed.

The Angel Lady

Susan Reynolds features the spiritual book The Angel Lady: A Journey with my Spiritual Companions by Susan Reynolds. The book includes 24 essays of different contributors who speak of Reynolds’s help in making them pay attention to different events of their lives.

The Diary of Cord House

Loretta Bender

Loretta Bender’s new mystery novel, The Diary of Cord House, was featured on The book tells the story of Karen, a writer who intends to write about past murders. The twist happens when a recent murder she is trying to unlock is pinned on her.

Looking in the Mirror Out

Nora Nita Bates

Nora Nita Bates’ personal memoir Looking in the Mirror Out was chosen as one of the Best Indie Books of 2012 by the prestigious Kirkus Reviews. The first-time author finished her master’s degree in counselling with a focus on mental health from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Two Out of Three, A Meagan Maloney Mystery

M.M. Silva

M.M. Silva’s mystery novel Two Out of Three, A Meagan Maloney Mystery was chosen as one of the Best Indie Books of 2012 by the prestigious Kirkus Reviews. The author is a native of Iowa and currently lives in New England. Presently, she is writing the second book in the Meagan Maloney series.

Freedom of an Illegal Immigrant

Ruth Marimo

Ruth Marimo’s memoir, Freedom of an Illegal Immigrant, follows her humble life beginnings as an African orphan, her brief stay in England, and how she found her way to America at a very young age. She marries an abusive American Citizen and has two children with him, only to come to terms with her own truths, especially the fact that she is lesbian. She has been invited to be a guest speaker at an Ivy League Conference at Yale University.

First dooowwwnnn…and life to go!

Red Cashion with Rusty Burson

An NFL official referee for 25 years, Red Cashion was interviewed by sports writer Bob Wolfley of Journal Sentinel. Cashion became a recognizable figure in NFL by passionately asserting his personality with a trademark call that became known across the country. This became the title of his autobiography, First dooowwwnnn…and life to go!, a captivating story that accentuates the power of a positive attitude.

The Borealis Genome

Thomas P. Wise and Nancy Wise

The Borealis Genome, a book by Thomas and Nancy Wise, received an honorable mention in the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival Science Fiction category. This novel follows Tim and his fiancé as they uncover the conspiracies surrounding a controversial scientific discovery, a sinister byproduct of evolution.


Alene Adele Roy

Set in 1865, Sanctuary follows the life of nanny Rachael Hathaway as she tackles issues of altruism, love, friendship, and romance. The historical novel by Alene Adele Roy received an honorable mention in the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival General Fiction category.

A Touch of Immortality

Vivian Ditzler

A Touch of Immortality tells the tale of Nadya Cooper Smith, a young gypsy tasked with the fate of the world. This gripping novel of adventure, magic, and supernatural legend by Vivian Ditzler received an honorable mention in the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival General Fiction category.

El Volcán

C.L. Levy

This engrossing tale by a former Marine Corps officer Charles Levy follows the adventure of Lieutenant Peter Kane as he finds himself in the center of the Central American communist revolution. El Volcán received an honorable mention in the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival General Fiction Category.

Follow Your Heart

Philip Devitte and Erika Celeste

A moving autobiography about paralysis, Follow Your Heart follows the heroic journey of a man as he struggles to stand on his own two feet again. This book by Philip Devitte and Erika Celeste received an honorable mention in the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival Biography/ Autobiography category.

Fort Douglas

Nancy Foshee

As Abigail Randolph finds herself in a volatile community in Fort Douglas, she vows to go on a journey to help the women affected. As she helps regain the women’s suffrage in Utah, her relationship with her father is jeopardized and so is her relationship with other people. This riveting story won as runner-up in the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival genre-based category.

Shattered Triangle

William P. Messenger

Shattered Triangle follows the story of three childhood friends who take three very different approaches toward adulthood. They find themselves in the same place again due to the tragedy of death, each of them affected by it in different ways. This novel by William P. Messenger received an honorable mention in the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival genre-based category and an honorable mention in the 2013 DIY Book Festival General Fiction category.

Who Stole My Incense

Melvin Kiesler

Eighty-two-year-old Melvin Kiesler reveals the compassion of God in his book Who Stole My Incense? In a short feature in Daytona Beach News-Journal, Kiesler mentions his wait for other people to share the revelations he has seen and eventually publishing them himself.

What to Do Before You Say “I Do”

Susan Ziggy

Have you set up the date for the big day yet? Before making your vows, it is imperative that you and your partner are most compatible and are sure to make it work. In her book What to Do Before You Say “I Do,” Author Susan Ziggy shares tips with couples on how they can make their relationships smooth-running. As she tells Tricities, her book “is intended to give you directions and a map so you don’t get lost in the uncharted waters of marriage.”

The United States - An Old-Fashioned Country?

Werner Neff

The United States of America in the eyes of a European immigrant is what Werner Neff’s The United States — An Old-Fashioned Country? is all about. He shares with Post Independent some of his impressions of his new home country and what led him to permanently settle in the United States. In his book, Neff also points out the differences between USA’s health insurance system with Switzerland’s and also relates how America can emulate Switzerland’s health system.

Saving Amy

Chris Lawrence

Chris Lawrence, author of conspiracy thriller Saving Amy, was featured in an article on the Journal Gazette & Times-Courier online. Lawrence formerly taught biology and zoology at Mattoon High School, Illinois, until she decided to leave teaching and take up a new adventure: writing.

The Seventh Treasure

Len Camarda

Know more about the writer of The Seventh Treasure, Len Camarda, in a chat with The Island Packet. The Seventh Treasure is a murder mystery and a conspiracy thriller that leads Eugene Cerone and Mercedes Garcia Rico face-to-face with an evil empire.

Closed Doors

Staci M. Weems

Closed Doors details the life of Mona, a young Brooklyn woman from a dysfunctional family—an abusive father and a mentally ill mother. Her life and her siblings’ were eventually blown apart by violence and addiction. Author Staci M. Weems shares with Brooklyn Daily Eagle that she based her book on her own life and struggles.

Emma Jean Reborn

Kathi Macias and Dr. Cupid R. Poe

Christian publisher Helping Hands Press has recently acquired the novel Emma Jean Reborn by Kathi Macias and Dr. Cupid R. Poe. Emma Jean Reborn tells the story of Emma Jean Cooper, nicknamed Emma Jean Two, as she grows up, gets away from, and confronts her racist and abusive environment with the help of her African-American classmate Sadie Garret. The novel will be re-released as an e-book on August 3, and the print version will soon follow.