Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Victoria M. Howard

Victoria M. Howard

Columnist, horse trainer, TV/ radio host, beauty queen, and self-published author Victoria M. Howard has appeared on television numerous times to discuss her book Kentucky Horse Park: Paradise Found, and why she thinks the park is America’s best-kept secret. In this three-part interview, she talks about her colorful background, the inspiration behind the book, and her upcoming plans.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

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Multi-award-winning author Logan T. Stark talks to Author’s Digest about his book Jurassic Earth, the value of criticism, and his advice for aspiring writers.

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Dr. Nicole Audet – Writing with Passion

In this three-part Author’s Digest post, Dr. Nicole Audet discusses the importance of literacy to children’s development, her advice for aspiring writers, and the inspiration behind Parents for Sale—our multi-award-winning Book of the Month!

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Sarah Salem on Transforming Her Past

Author’s Digest sits down with Sarah Salem, a resident of Toronto originally from Lebanon, to uncover her reasons for writing Twisted Forms of Love. Her novel is based on her own life story about the hardships of growing up in a war torn country with a dysfunctional family.Read more >>

Andrew Glascoe: Nobody Knew She Was There

Andrew Glascoe is a poet, art critic, writer, and teacher, who has dealt with a good deal of hardship writing his first book, Nobody Knew She Was There. Glascoe sought the strength to unravel his mother’s identity and piece his discoveries through her battle with Alzheimer’s. Discover the inspirations and experiences that led Glascoe to publish this literary triumph. Read more >>

Nancy Szakacsy on Hardship and Perseverance

Marriage counselor Nancy Szakacsy has had no shortage of trials in her life, and she does nothing to hide this. In fact, she uses it as a source of learning for others in her new book. In Hannah Was Here, Szakacsy discusses the painful death of her daughter to an ill-prescribed medication. This heart-wrenching tale has captivated and moved many a reader already. Read more >>

Janet Killeen

Janet Killeen is an experienced writer and a tenured teacher. After earning her master’s degree at the University of Kent, Killeen went off to teach teenagers English and English Literature for over thirty years. Read more >>

Jana Petken

Jana Petken is an author who needs little introduction, with her book, The Guardian of Secrets and Her Deathly Pact, having been lauded by the Kirkus Indie Review and included on numerous Goodreads lists. But just in case, Petken is a Scottish writer who has spent most of her life in Spain. She found her love for writing after drawing from her experiences in the military and enjoys exploring the after-effects of conflicts on populations. Read more >>

Ashley Moffett: From Fantasy Bookworm to Published Author

At age fifteen, high school sophomore Ashley Moffett already has a self-published book under her belt. The Orphans, a fantasy-adventure novel for all ages, was born out of Ashley’s decision to create something different from the “usual entertainment choices” she was surrounded in day after day. Read more >>

Moose: The Story of a Phenomenon

The movie, Mary Poppins, is a Disney movie classic. Now read the memoirs of Hollywood icon, Robert B Sherman, co-songwriter with his brother, Richard, who changed the family musical forever. Read more >>

AuthorHouse’s J. J. Marshall and the End of the World

Twenty-one-year-old Jack Marshall may be a student currently taking up a degree in geography, but his first love is and will always be the craft of writing. Read more >>

John Robert Allen Releases on the Importance of Getting the Past Right

AuthorHouse author John Robert Allen has indeed made an impact in the literary scene when he self-published his first book, the critically-acclaimed The House of Many Windows. Read more >>

Author Kathi Macias: Going Up a Notch Higher

Self-published author Kathi Macias’ writing career went up a notch higher when Christian publisher Helping Hands Press acquired her book, Emma Jean Reborn, which she co-wrote with Dr. Cupid R. Poe. The novel was rereleased as an e-book last August, and the print version will soon follow. Read more >>

Andrea Perron: Light from Darkness

How would you feel if you got to watch your life unfold on the movie screen and have yourself portrayed by a Hollywood celebrity? Andrea Perron has the rare opportunity of watching her story played in thousands of cinemas across the globe. Read more >>

Writing Against the Grain: Brian Johnson, An Unlikely Success Story

AuthorHouse author Brian Johnson is well-respected within his community. He initiated his writing career by writing ministories that invoke trepidation and suspense. The support and encouragement provided by his followers was more than enough to motivate Johnson to write his first book Daddy Why You Do It?. Read more >>

Breakaway: Getting Free from a Life of Manipulation and Abuse

Everybody finds themselves in times of trial every now and then, and more often than not, such times can make one feel trapped. Although Marvela Dawnay’s book tells of a vicious cycle of manipulation and abuse that made her feel trapped and helpless, her life story will provide encouragement for those in similar situations. Read more >>

Parsing Passion: Capturing Love through the Power of the Pen

Born in El Paso, Texas, Jennifer C. Robinson lived a somewhat inconstant life for the first 12 years of her life. With her father in the military, she was repeatedly packing up her belongings and moving from state to state and country to country, to places ranging from Oklahoma to Germany. Read more >>

A Southie With a Story to Tell

We have recently seen another festive St. Patrick’s day pass by. AuthorHouse thought it would be fitting to prolong this year’s feast by featuring an author with Celtic blood, Matthew Smith Jr. Read more >>

A Decorated Diplomat Ponders Life and Country

How would you feel if you got to watch your life unfold on the movie screen and have yourself portrayed by a Hollywood celebrity? Andrea Perron has the rare opportunity of watching her story played in thousands of cinemas across the globe. Read more >>

Carl Reiner: One of the Most Revered Comedic Icons of the Past Hundred Years

An inductee to the Emmy Awards Hall of Fame with twelve wins to date, a Grammy-award winner, actor, director, producer, author, screenwriter and comedian. There isn’t much Carl Reiner hasn’t done or achieved in his glittering showbiz career or his over ninety gracious years on this Earth. Read more >>

Harrison Dillard: The World’s Greatest Sprint-Hurdler Ever

Harrison “Bones” Dillard was crowned the world’s fastest man when he won the Olympic 100-meter title at the 1948 London Olympics. He is one of America’s greatest-ever athletes. He recently returned to London after 64 years for the 2012 Olympic Games and to launch his memoir in the place where his legacy began. Read more >>

Victoria Nolan is a Published Author at Nine Years Old

This month’s Featured Author has written, illustrated, and published her first book at the age of nine. Victoria Nolan is a pioneer sparking a new trend within the writing world as more and more young writers take advantage of the opportunities self-publishing provides. Read more >>

Benn Haidari

We asked 2011 Gourmand World Cookbook Award–winner Chef Benn Haidari if he would be kind enough to suggest a favorite recipe from Gastronomy from an Ice Cold Paradise suitable for fellow authors to prepare and enjoy as a Valentine’s meal. Read on to find out which award-winning dish he has selected for you. Read more >>

Richard Hébert

Kirkus Reviews are known as “the world’s toughest book critics,” and their critiques are accepted by industry professionals as a reliable guide to the best books on the market. Hébert’s Mindwarp has been named a Kirkus Reviews Best Indie Book of 2011. Read more >>

Myne Whitman

Myne Whitman’s debut novel, A Heart to Mend, met with public and critical acclaim winning four Nigerian Blog Awards and staying at the top of Amazon UK’s Kindle bestseller list for several weeks. Read more >>

V. J. Waks

Multi award-winning sci-fi author V. J. Waks talks to AuthorHouse about the latest in her TAU4 series and how she maintains its success by adjusting her marketing strategies to prevailing book market trends. She explains how she is also embracing the next generation of book marketing platforms to maximize sales. Read more >>

Martha Dixon

Martha Dixon's compelling autobiography, Triumph beyond Measure, was praised by close family and former President of the United States, Wiliam Jefferson “Bill” Clinton. Read more >>