Blog Blast Marketing Service

Want to incorporate blogs into your book marketing campaign? Don’t just limit yourself to one blog—spread your promotions across different websites with a blog tour.

More than just online diaries, blogs offer a wealth of information and is used by readers to get information about products or services they’re interested in, read reviews about movies and TV shows, and even look for the next book to add to their to-read list. Learn the benefits of launching a blog campaign in this infographic, or read the transcript below.

Take Your Book on an Online Tour

Every bit of exposure counts when it comes to marketing your book. If you're looking to build awareness and generate interest in your book online, you can tap into blogs to do the job for you. But before you set out on a virtual tour through the blogosphere, it helps to know the landscape as well as your medium first. Let AuthorHouse be your guide.


It is a collection of articles that are meant to educate, entertain, and help. For the marketer, it is an avenue for driving more traffic to your website to convert leads into customers.

How blogs can help you:

  • Provide relevant content to attract visitors
  • Convert blog visitors to prospects
  • Convince prospects to buy a product, turning them into customers


Take it from other marketers:

  • 66% of marketers use blogs in their social media content.
  • 53% say blogging is the #1 most important piece of their content strategy

See what customers say:

  • 19% look to blogs before they purchase a product
  • 17% say that blogs are where they discover new products and services


Think of it this way: blog marketing is like taking your work on a national or international book tour. But instead of having to physically move from one place to another, you do it online, making it a less time-consuming and budget-straining endeavor. That means you can reach out to readers across the globe—all from the comforts of your home.

But you don’t have to start your own blog to launch a campaign. AuthorHouse offers an easier alternative with the Blog Blast Marketing service.

Get to know the packages we offer

Enjoy all these when you sign up for any of our online book tour packages:

  • Your book advertised on relevant blogs. We will include your book cover, a short description, your author bio, and a $25 Amazon gift certificate to entice readers.
  • A personalized tour page. Interested readers will be linked to a page where they can get more information about your book and how to get a copy. It will remain active even after your campaign has ended.
  • A personalized tour banner. This will be posted on your tour page and will also be available for you to use in your other marketing efforts.
  • A press release announcing your book’s blog tour. We will make sure to have this search engine-optimized too.

Choose the package that works best for you based on the length of the campaign and the types of promotion you want for your book:


2-week advertising campaign on 20 blogs


2-week advertising campaign on 20 blogs
Up to 1 month's worth of blog features across 15 blogs


2-week advertising campaign on 20 blogs
Up to 2 months’ worth of blog features across 30 blogs

Want to know more about our Blog Blast Marketing Packages? Contact your Marketing Consultant today.