Radio Book Talk


You'll never run out of places to talk about books. There are cafés, libraries, bookstores, and you can even chat about it on the radio. As an author, you can use the airwaves not only to talk about what you love, but it's where you can promote your book to interested listeners as well.

With our Radio Book Talk service, you’ll get both online and terrestrial radio coverage: talk about your book on a radio show hosted by Kate Delaney, an Emmy award-winning broadcaster, and get interviewed on WebTalkRadio’s Books on Air.  Plus, your book will be announced to the avid listeners of Newsgram, a show that talks about trends and popular recommendations.

Radio Book Talk is highly recommended for literary novels, nonfiction books like self-help, memoirs, and business books.

This service includes:

  • An 8 to 12-minute interview On America Tonight with Emmy-award winning host, Kate Delaney.  America Tonight airs on approximately 100 stations across the US.  The author will receive a mp3 file after the interview. 
  • A 15-minute in-depth online interview on Books on Air with Suzanne Harris. This will also be distributed to Apple, iHeart Radio, Spotify and other podcast aggregators.
  • Your book featured on WebTalkRadio’s Newsgram show. It will also be distributed to Apple, iHeart Radio, Spotify and other podcast aggregators.

    Sample Newsgram Feature:

  • A digital copy of the radio interviews that you can use in all of your marketing activities.
More About Kate Delaney, America Tonight, and WebTalkRadio
Kate Delaney 
Kate Delaney is an award-winning and respected national presenter. She has been in the radio and television industry for 20 years and has interviewed over 16,000 people. She garnered a Television Emmy for her special report on the AIDS epidemic in New Mexico, and as well as several Golden Mics for a series on immigration.

America Tonight
America Tonight with Kate Delaney airs Monday through Saturday from Washington, D.C.  and reaches around 2.9 million listeners.

WebTalkRadio is run by established radio and podcasting professionals, and has produced award-winning radio shows. Currently, it has also created content for terrestrial radio, and YouTube. Books on Air and Newsgram are just some of the programs run by WebTalkRadio.

Books on Air
Books on Air is a platform where authors can share their creative process with readers everywhere. This show is hosted by Suzzane Harris. She’s an experienced media personality and an avid reader.

Newsgram showcases the various trends and products—including books.  It aims to help its listeners keep up with the latest goings-on. This show is hosted by Sam Youmans, a seasoned newsroom personality. 
Note: Featured books are subject for approval. Certain genres, topics and themes may not be suitable for a terrestrial radio interview.

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