Gift Guide Advertising - Holiday Picks


When you give a book as a holiday gift, you’re giving a lot more than a stack of bound pages with a cover. You’re giving inspiration and knowledge, laughter and tears. At the very least, you’re providing hours of entertainment; at most, you can influence a person’s goals and dreams! Could there possibly be a better gift than that? Now you can help book buyers tap into their inner Santa with AuthorHouse’s Gift Guide Advertising – Holiday Picks package.

This package offers you ad placement in two publications: the Los Angeles Times, a recipient of more than 40 Pulitzer awards* and one of the most widely distributed newspapers in the country, and BookPage, a monthly book selection guide that has been running for over 25 years.

The LA Times carries the Holiday Books Gift Guide section, a specially-themed Sunday insert that is published annually during the winter holidays and covers the best of each season or genre, from popular bestsellers to editor’s favorites—and everything in between. The newspaper’s Sunday edition also has whooping readership of 1.8 million, while the website’s monthly page views amounts to 95 million and 49 million unique visitors.*

BookPage , now running for over 25 years, has a tone that is upbeat and literary, focusing on best sellers as well as new discoveries. It is subscribed to by more than 3,500 public libraries and bookstores nationwide, each of whom gets at least 50 copies to distribute to their patrons free of charge. It is distributed monthly with two editions: the Books-A-Million edition which is distributed to all Books-A-Million stores nationwide and the standard edition which is sent to the rest of its subscribers. Both editions are sent simultaneously and comprise a total circulation of 400,000 copies per month.

Gift Guide Advertising – Holiday Picks

  • A single slot advertisement in the LA Times Holiday Books Special Edition (1 out of 10 slots)
  • A single slot advertisement in BookPage’s standard edition (1 out of 10 slots)
  • A single slot advertisement in BookPage’s Books-A-Million edition (1 out of 10 slots)
  • Your book information with a link to buy listed on the Holiday Picks landing page. Leaderboard and skyscraper banners promoting Holiday Picks will be displayed on the Books and Entertainment sections of the LA Times website for two weeks.
  • Your book information included in the Advance Title List, BookPage’s database of titles that are scheduled to appear in upcoming issues

AuthorHouse will also send you a copy of the LA Times Holiday Books Special Edition and both editions of BookPage in which your book ad appears.

Deadline for space reservation for the LA Times Holiday Books Special Edition is October 3. Please note that your ad will be one of 10 ads on one page. The advertisement will be published as soon as all 10 positions have been taken, which may cause the ad to roll over until the next publication. Your book must be live and available for sale before purchasing this service.

*As of 2020

Note: Ads are subject to the publication’s own content and image guidelines.

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