by J. Demetrio Nicolo



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/22/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 278
ISBN : 9781665517348
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 278
ISBN : 9781665517331

About the Book

For Phil Stanton the rise to the top of the corporate ladder was meteoric. He had accomplished in two years what it took others to achieve over many years of extensive effort and sacrifice. For Phil, the voyage seemed as though it was orchestrated by some sort of Karmic influence, one that guided him through every step of progression without a single glitch along the way. But now everything was about to collapse around him. As he gazed at the panoramic view outside his executive suite window, he couldn’t help but feel as though some supernatural negative force had taken over his life and plunged him into the depths of despair. Phil’s wife Taylor was his most ardent supporter, always pressing him to be more aggressive, more opportunistic for advancement. Taylor reveled in the sweet life Phil had provided and her thirst for status and a materialistic life style was one of the incentives that pushed Phil to reach the pinnacle of advancement for the corporation that employed him. His insatiable desire to become a senior vice president had finally been satisfied and now all may have been for naught. Things were changing dramatically as he began feeling a sense of vulnerability. For several months Phil had been plagued with an abdominal discomfort that eventually transformed into a nagging pain. This was the turning point in Phil’s career, his life, his marriage; his confidence and his self esteem were crushed. He hit rock bottom but a most unorthodox alliance formed during his medical treatments helped resurrect his life and lead to an attempt at committing one of the most infamous crimes in California history.

About the Author

J. Demetrio Nicolo continued his excursion into the world of fictional writing with his third novel, Posers, following his previous endeavors, The Silent Treatment published in 2004 and The Ultimate Escape published in 2020. During the course of his literary journey. he also ventured into a more personal endeavor writing a book titled Alec that has a biographical theme involving his childhood interaction with his father. Posers, a novel about people who posed as other people, represents a continuation of his writing style leaving readers with the proposition of using their imagination to formulate their own conclusions to unanswered scenarios.