Plaid Foul Book II

by Dnias Dirk



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/5/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 742
ISBN : 9781546295815
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 742
ISBN : 9781546295716

About the Book

The married couple is still missing. They are still presumed dead. Jack Dorcha, the single greatest entrepreneur in modern Scotland, visits one by one the descendants of the men who cast him into the sea. Chase, the inimical and crime-writing uncle jounces Wren, the former black-letter law judge, from his doddering Lethe. Chase chisels away at dragooning Wren the second time to re-visit, re-investigate, and re-analyse the suspects. Chase adjures Wren that all of those who may have been implicated be raked over the coals. But this time it is an altogether different ball game. Insidiously the tables are being turned. Wren is vitrified. Wren runs counter to Chase. Wren exacts revenge on Glasson Dorcha by obtruding him to endure the reality of his own perceived sense of imprisonment and mutilation. Wren evens the score with Belay by foxing to expel him, the tormented worldly-wise employer of judges, his disgracious employer, motionlessly into the nadir of his self-tormented cocoon by envenoming his meal ticket and eviscerating his theorem regarding the concupiscence for the man he loves. He determines to ruin, imprison, or kill Chase, and immolate his own family. He eyeballs Chase with the significant chance that he was the culprit. Wren unglues Chase with his own pharisaical stance on his own ipseity. Finally, Jack Dorcha returns in person to avenge Wren and Chase. Who will win this time? The wrathful retired special adjudicator, the absinthal employer of torture judges, the inimical crime-writing uncle, the usurious mercenary Jack Dorcha, the now ungovernable gangster in Glasgow, the stochastic new murderer or one of the pertinacious suspects?

About the Author

Dnias Dirk’s heirs and assigns have gone from strength to strength. Those earth-shattering members who were once redoubtable, triumphant, dominant, and all-mains, or potentially otherwise described, have tasseled out into virtually supposable. Those who were once awesome are now teeter-tottering on the periphery of the description which is truly final and farthest beyond; and the sky-scraping one has become birdlike. The progeny rears itself now, as unimaginable skill, effortless talent, and spine-damaging grindstone prevail. The haunting memory and the pragmatic pedagogy have never been more antiseptic. Mum, Dad, Peter, Joanna; Cameron, Blair, Innes, Brodie; Struan and Rebecca: you are his world. What has always been categorically homoerotic spasms in the ear-bleeding thunders of brain function and its sustainability becomes more gay. When token duxes for German and history jump the gun to theorise the rigorous practices of 800 metres, only thought and feeling can remain. It is the thoughtful, the active, and the dead. When sophistic study institutions, professional qualifications and voluntary work collide, only the mind can survive. All corners of the globe can become vaccums of aseity. He determined to obliterate that which he enkindled ten very long years ago. Now, he will prove beyond any reasonable shadow of a doubt, he can re-ignite the flames...