Plaid Foul Book I

by Dnias Dirk



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/16/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 560
ISBN : 9781546292357
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 560
ISBN : 9781546292340

About the Book

A married couple goes missing in 1995. After seven years they are presumed dead. It is 2018. Belay, a tormented worldly-wise employer of judges, apprises the Special Adjudicator, Ewald Wren, a black-letter law judge, that his short-term ruthless brand of justice is culpable. Wren impugns Belay’s competence. Belay retires Ewald and resolves to put him firmly in his place. Chase, an inimical and crime-writing uncle cuts in after the farewell bash. He believes Wren is the most likely culprit. He coerces Wren to survey all the locations and, mechanised by covert listening devices, to investigate all of those who may have been implicated. Otherwise, he will be ruined, imprisoned, or killed, or worse still his family will be forfeited. Left with no choice Wren accedes. Wren processes the evidence. He suspects further murders and ancillary attempts on lives. Glasson Dorcha, the most ruthless gangster in Glasgow seeks to avenge Wren for his jejune imprisonment and the murder of his grandfather by mutilating him. Wren learns life. Belay learns than extreme pain is plural. Wren and Chase are finally revealed as in-laws. Who will win? Will Belay, Wren, Chase, Glasson, the murderer or one of the suspects win?

About the Author

Dnias Dirk has a redoubtable mother Eileen Brockmann and a triumphant father Doctor Brian Donaldson. He has a dominant brother Peter and an all-mains sister Joanna. He has five unique and awesome nephews, Cameron, Blair, Innes and Brodie; and Struan; and a sky-scraping niece Rebecca. They are the progeny he was ill-starred not to rear. He was bereaved of two diametric grandmothers Bridget Elwood and Jean Crawford. He is gay. He is the slipstream of mental health. In 1995, he was the joint dux of Belmont Academy in Ayr for German. In 1996, he was the dux of history. He won the 800 metres race three years in succession. In 1999, he studied German Law at the Johannes Gutenberg University. He qualified as a Solicitor in September 2008. He volunteered at the Citizens Advice Bureau in Bridgton; and advised, assisted, and represented the victims of persecution from all corners of the globe. Pursuant to redundancy, he pitched into creative writing and has been bouncing off the keys for an entire decennium He has written thriller: psychological, emotional, romantic, supernatural, and science fiction. He has transmogrified the thrillers into a crime fiction/murder mystery series entitled ‘Plaid Foul.’ He has endured multifarious tortures, multiple cardiac events, depersonalisation, brain collapse, brain suffocation, and brain starvation. Concedingly, he has basked in a sorcerous and fortuitously championed life. He determines to obliterate that which he enkindled ten very long years ago...