Homequest: Separation

Tales of Roumanhi

by JE Browning



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/16/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 402
ISBN : 9781477242162
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 402
ISBN : 9781477242179

About the Book

A land in ruins, a trust broken, and a ruler at breaking point in a world where nothing is quite as it seems. All Cail has ever wanted to do was serve his people. Steadfast, honourable, and loyal, he was born to rule, but he has seen his world torn apart and watched others playing the hero while he was doomed to failure. Now the cracks are showing. Fighting to retain his sanity, Cail becomes lost to his people, a lurking shadow, separated from those he loves. Can he ever come back from his despair? Has he gone too far to redeem himself? And will the interference of the mysterious A’eryn hinder all attempts to restore him? Feats of great courage and sacrifice dominate as Cail’s friends try to unravel dark mysteries and save his life. But Cail’s path home is paved with agonising loss, betrayal, and torture soon everything he cares about is put in jeopardy. 1. Homequest: Liberation 2. Homequest: Decimation 3. Homequest: Separation

About the Author

JE began writing the Tales of Roumanhi, Homequest series in 1992 when living and teaching in Greece. Unable to stop writing, the lives of T’skya, Hollam, Cail, and all the other characters and creatures from Roumanhi and beyond can be explored in Homequest: Separation, the third volume of the Tales of Roumanhi series: Homequest: Liberation Homequest: Decimation Homequest: Separation Following time as a police officer, JE now trains and exercises people to respond to major emergencies, helping keep the public of Wiltshire, England, safe. JE is also a martial arts instructor, keen traveler, scuba diver, nature lover, science fiction/fantasy fan, and artist. For more information about JE and the Tales of Roumanhi series, please see this website: www.homequest-liberation.com.