Size Matters

by Michael Gillespie



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/30/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 328
ISBN : 9781452068602

About the Book

This book ---SIZE MATTERS --is the third part of a trilogy on the Irish Problem. While the trilogy has a unifying theme there is developed in each book a different story line. The first book - THE WAY IRELAND OUGHT TO BE --tells the story of a dissident teacher who is sectioned in a psychiatric clinic because of his views on Irish politics. The story examines the conflict in the clinic between the teacher and a state psychiatrist. The second book --THE RAPE OF VIRGIN MUNCHINDUN--- examines a tragic love relationship between two men in a rural parish in Ireland.

The third book of the trilogy -SIZE MATTERS --examines a love relationship between a free-lance journalist Eoin Bradley and two women, one an ex-I.R.A. Republican and the other a member of the Orange Order. As a journalist Eoin publishes what he sees as the nuts and bolts of resolving the historic sectarian Irish problem. He finds however that in the two local parishes of Ardum and Ardee (one Catholic the other Protestant) what really divides the people are irrational beliefs they hold about each others physical make up. Using his imagination and ingenuity Eoin breaks down the myth barriers that keep the two communities apart and unites them in a new found harmony of love.

About the Author

He lives in L'Derry in N. Ireland and was formerly a teacher but left that to write. He is in his sixties and was married. He has a family of four --a daughter and three sons. He has three grand children.

He was educated in Derry and then at Queen's University in Belfast where he holds two primary degrees, one in English, the other in Economics. He also made a specialized study of Education at Queen's and holds a Master of Arts degree in Education at the University.

As a writer he has already published two successful novels with Authorhouse, the first ---THE WAY IRELAND OUGHT TO BE --the second---THE RAPE OF VIRGIN MUNCHINDUN---. He takes as his writing theme the historic Irish problem and has found a readership on that subject. As well as writing novels he blogs on

and also contributes to the blog --Slugger O'Toole --submitting political and cultural articles. He also contributes to the blog

His interests are reading in English and Irish, gardening, charity work and interior design.