Joseph's Life Story

Seeking Justice

by Darren Cunningham



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/14/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 292
ISBN : 9781438974866

About the Book

The book 'Joseph's Life Story' is a true and honest account complied by the parents of the life of Joseph L Cunningham, a baby boy born on the 22nd December 2006, weighing 8 pounds and measuring 20 inches long.  It also includes the struggle to learn the truth of what happened during labor and their effort to seek justice.

The opening chapters give the parents emotional account of the events during labor, the days after while Joseph was in hospital until he died 38 days later and the account of Joseph's funeral.  The book goes onto reveal the effort to seek an explanation as to why Joseph suffered injuries during birth and to have the NHS admit liability.

The purpose of this book is to raise awareness on the difficulties that can arise during labour and the need for the correct decisions to be taken at the time.  This is to also highlight the effort that was required by the grieving parents in order to learn why such a tragedy occurred, what could have been done to prevent it and to have someone admit fault.

About the Author

The author of 'Joseph's Life Story' is Darren Cunningham the farther of Joseph Lloyd Cunningham.  Darren took the decision to document the days of Joseph’s life soon after he realized that he was beginning to forget the finer details of Joseph’s short life when he was alive.  He wanted to record the events so he could share them with his family and his future children when they were old enough to understand that they once had an elder brother.

What initially started off as a personal document began to take shape fuelled by the letters and e-mails that Darren and his wife Charlotte were receiving in relation to their compensation case against the NHS.  It became apparent that avoidable mistakes had been made and there were lessons that needed to be learnt or other babies in the future would meet the same fate as Joseph.

Darren and Charlotte grew up in North Wales and met while in college.  They married in 1996 and decided to move to London the following year when Darren received a job offer.  Charlotte worked for the Anthony Nolan bone marrow trust for over 6 years before resigning while pregnant to become a full time mother to look after Joseph.  Darren continues to work for a leading bank as a Project Manager in Canary Wharf.