January's Child

The colour of a soul

by H. Dale Lloyd



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Language : English
Publication Date : 3/25/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 72
ISBN : 9781438957715

About the Book

JANUARY’S CHILD, though written as a novel, reflects, in part, the life experience of Darline Chancy Lloyd, Haiti’s most beautiful daughter, whom we had the privilege of adopting. She is presently twenty years old. As  parents our first concern is the welfare of our dear daughter, as she moves through the various involvements of her life. But as with all the details of our personal experiences there is a larger picture.


            Experience is the filter through which we see and interpret life. Because of my long journey with the Christian church, I found myself viewing it through the lens of January’s Child’s encounter. The view has been less than positive and the dominate emotion that is evoked has been one of deep sadness. Two thousand years after the prayer of Christ’s Passion, that we all would be one, we still find ourselves battling ancient prejudices which make our love, acceptance and welcome far less than unconditional. We stumble over difference, and view uniqueness as either making us superior or inferior to another. From the ridiculous to the sublime, we relegate “those”  people to “their place” according to our prejudicial stereotype. We mete out love, acceptance and welcome conditioned upon distinction.


            Buried beneath these differences is the soul. For all who find it- both their own and with those to whom they relate- there is a refreshing discovery that the soul is colour blind. In fact it is blind to all those skin-deep differences that fuel discrimination, destroy peace in human relationships, and divide nations. In such a colour blind soul there is room for all souls regardless of external differences, and love, acceptance and welcome are without condition, demand or expectation. The barriers to relationship with other people, and God himself are simply nonexistent.   What Colour is a soul?


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