Don't Bring Me Flowers

by Eralides E. Cabrera



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/27/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 348
ISBN : 9781438927695

About the Book




      The title is reminiscent of an everyday credence.  The story expands it into a philosophical doctrine that love is always better than hate.  Amidst this conflagration of theories is born Nora Febles, the jovial young school teacher who falls in love with Adam Vandersten.  The two meet while under the tragic circumstances of each having recently lost a parent.   Their relationship becomes a bushfire of love and passion.  But Nora’s affability is soon under attack.  Sandra Botowy, who had a romance with Adam in the past, suddenly comes into the picture and tries to interfere by sending Nora hateful messages.  They take on a peculiar protagonist.  They are sent with flowers, always beautiful and never the same.

      One might say that the story presents an array of interesting and contrasting characters that seem to flawlessly connect with each other, probably the most subtle but notable trait of the novel.  Nora’s friend, Eva Sulles, is the cynical school teacher, in all fours with her best and congenial friend.  Tom, Nora’s father, is the modern virtuous father and gentleman, capable of exercising prudence like no one else.  Adam, who becomes Nora’s husband, is your everyday working young man who is catapulted into the very serious task of looking after his wife when she becomes dangerously ill, a task that he performs with flying colors.  Sara is the unforgiving possessive lover who refuses to let go but who is after all capable of understanding and waiving onto happiness. 

     A dramatic story with a traumatic end where no passion is spared and questions of faith are arisen even in the most skeptical minds.  Life ends only for the unwilling and love always prevails.       



About the Author



     Eralides E. Cabrera is an attorney who practices law in New Jersey.  He writes fiction in his spare time.  His stories portray passionate love relationships and intriguing crime narratives that are set mostly in the north eastern United States.  His latest, “Don’t Bring me Flowers,” is an easy read and dramatic love story.  He is also responsible for having authored “Lost Generation,” a very cultural account about the early Cuban exodus.  He has also written “Res Ipsa,” “I Need a Miracle,” “Pleasant Valley,” “Rainy Faces,” “Cuando llegó septiembre,” a book in the Spanish language,  and “Veredicto.”