The Rat and The Bat

and Other Short Stories

by Pemerika L. Tauiliili



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/27/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 88
ISBN : 9781438927008

About the Book

This is Tauiliili’s second publication for young readers written in Samoan and English and is based on legends and Samoan history.  It starts as a legend about the friendship between two distinctly different animals; the land bound rat and the flying bat.  The plot thickens as the next character, the octopus enters the story.  Finally, the focus of the tale returns to the bat or pe’a and a little part of history is unveiled as the story comes to a close. Tauiliili skillfully weaves in the rich history of his ancestor Tonumaipea, Samoan Queen and powerful sorceress from which originates his name and title “Tauiliili.”  Tauiliili’s love of Samoan lore and history is evident in this whimsical retelling of a popular South Pacific tale.

About the Author

Pemerika L. Tauiliili was born on the island of Tutuila, American Samoa, March 22nd, 1935. Tauiliili grew up in the village of Salamumu, a picturesque village in Upolu, Independant Samoa.  It was this upbringing in a traditional village setting and under the tutelage of his adopted mother Siilima, that he developed an appreciation and respect for Samoan tales and legends.  Tauiliili entered the US Navy in 1954.  After four years in the Navy, he started his university education at the University of Hawaii, and graduated with a bachelor degree in Agriculture Economic in 1964. He moved back to American Samoa and served in various capacities, including the Directorship for the Department of Agriculture for ten years. Tauiliili was next assigned to start the Land Grant program at the American Samoa Community College which he managed as Director for another ten years.  At retirement, he served for six years as Chairman of the Board of Higher Education at the American Samoa Community College. Tauiliili got the opportunity to travel widely throughout the Pacific, Asia, Europe and the United States Mainland.  Tauiliili also has the dinstinction of having traditional chiefly titles.  He inherited the high chief title Tauiliili from his father along with Taulapapa and Leiataua from his mother.   


Throughout his career, Tauiliili wrote extensively in the Samoan language primarily speeches and sermons.  He started writing for publication in 1994 when he wrote the first draft of his autobiography.  However, he found that there was a greater need to publish educational materials in the Samoan language.  His first publication Le Tu Manu ae Tu Logologo, 2004 is a collection of fagogo or Samoan myths and fairy tales.  His second publication is the two volumes of Anoafale ole Gagana ma le Aganuu 2007, which outlines the importance of Samoan language and culture.