Land Fill

Teacher We Love You

by Robert E. Bryant



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/8/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781452007700

About the Book

When schemes, murder, and greed attack an unsuspecting newlywed and threaten his family, he must take action. What action does avenging his father's murder mandate? Even his young bride does not know every thought that enters his mind, but, in time, he will reveal The Plan.

South Carolina storyteller, Robert E. Bryant (with the assistance of L. Caroline Martin, author of Proven Guilty and “The Healer”), brings another of his God-given stories to life in this enthralling novella. Also in print are Bryant's first two novels: Choices (a collection of three short stories inspired by mothers who “make and live with difficult choices everyday”) and The Model which takes a close look “at the blessing of unexpected love.”

About the Author

Born in Royston (Franklin County), Georgia, Robert E. Bryant moved to Greenwood, South Carolina in 1958 and has called this quiet Southern town home ever since. He has been interested in aviation all of his life and began flying when he was just twenty-nine years old. Later, at age forty-one, he received his pilot’s license (the same month his daughter, Yvette, received hers). Though he is a welder and welding instructor by vocation, he is certainly a pilot by avocation. His experience with aviation has afforded him to meet a number of interesting individuals, most notably Robert Morgan, pilot of the Memphis Belle; Charles Duke, Apollo 16; Charles Boland, Shuttle Commander; Jan Davis, Missions Specialist; Robert L. Scott, author of God Is My Copilot; the living members of the Tuskegee Airmen and the Black Sheep Squadron; and General Charles E.“Chuck” Yeager, first to break the sound barrier.

Another life-long passion, storytelling, has led him to publish this second book. (His first book entitled Choices, is a collection of short stories.) His stories come to him with such powerful imagery and meaning that he believes they must be divinely inspired. His first story, called “Just Believe Me,” was given to him over thirty years ago in a church meeting, and he has since recorded an astonishing thirty- seven more¾each equally detailed and passionately told. When the stories come to him, he feels compelled to share them: “They must come out,” he says. “They must be told.” He truly hopes his readers will enjoy the stories and be blessed by them as much as he has been blessed of God with them.