The Smart Aleck Chronicles

A Compendium of Careless Comments For All Sorts of Occasions

by Mike Robertson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/12/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 268
ISBN : 9781434330628

About the Book

No plot, no characters, hardly any stories, just a collection of smart remarks and clever lines delivered on a number of subjects for no apparent reason, the literary equivalent of cleaning out the closet. The Smart Aleck Chronicles presents a series of entertainments on a wide variety of seemingly unrelated topics. Sometimes serious but mostly flippant, the Smart Aleck Chronicles navigate the reader through the various lunacies of everyday life without evident purpose. There are sarcastically earnest letters to the editor, fictional chronologies, biographies of people who may or may not have existed, erudite comments on the issues that may have seemed important at one time or another, extremely short stories, and lists of ridiculous observations on the hilarity of being or doing just about anything. The Smart Aleck Chronicles makes no effort to be anything other that what it appears to be, whatever that is.

About the Author

He sometimes thinks he is an author, an inconvenient delusion for which he atones by denying it. While he is responsible for two moderately entertaining collections of short stories, Casting Shadows and Parts of A Past, he also must admit to inflicting a misbegotten and possibly  wretched novel on a public which responded quite properly by ignoring it. Now on the comeback trail, this middle aged Canadian is still hopeful of reclaiming some measure of literary pretence before senility and permanent intestinal distress sets in.