Landon's Odyssey

by J.A. Gasperetti



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/6/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 492
ISBN : 9781434323316

About the Book

                                LANDON’S ODYSSEY:  SUMMARY/PROMOTION


Gil Landon, a returning Vietnam veteran, has a pervasive feeling of angst.  His love is gone, his graduate studies interrupted, his prospects for a job are bleak, and his treatment for a war wound mediocre.  This is quite a plateful for a veteran to handle while trying to acclimate to civilian life. To make his current state more tolerable, Landon begins a journey, an odyssey, if you will, to find some relief by seeking his past to improve his future. His voyage of discovery is prompted by the discovery of six letters, which he inexplicably finds in a shipping crate he sent back to himself from Vietnam.  They belong to six wartime buddies, who Landon plans to visit and belatedly deliver their respective letters. The letters are the mysterious glue that holds the story together and propels it forward. As if by black magic, one of the letters brings him back to an old college anti-war adversary, Josh Hannigan, who knows the location of Landon’s lost love: Becky Morris.  Unknown to Landon, Hannigan is the fortuitous acquaintance of one of the letter recipients:  Johnnie Krupke. Krupke’s letter links him to Hannigan and Corsican heroin dealers.  The hunt is on to find Landon and the evil contents found in Krupke’s letter that Landon has in his possession.


Through a series of flashbacks, both to Landon’s college days and his Vietnam experiences, the characters are defined and shaped.  The major players all come together for a climactic ending in the psychedelic kingdom of Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco during the turbulent year of 1968.  To give added flavor for this evocative age, the songs of the 60’s are included throughout as a thematic emphasis in the respective chapters they are inserted.


Painted over a broad national and international canvas, Landon’s Odyssey is truly an epic journey. It is a unique and relevant tale for a generation, one still coming to grips with the tumultuous times it experienced. It will reach out to those who served in Vietnam, who protested against the war, who joined the counter-culture, or who simply gawked on the sidelines.  And, for the uninitiated, it will improve their understanding of an age that still echoes loudly across the contemporary landscape. There is both a large audience, the baby boomers, and a general readership for this book. It will give insights into what all the buzz was all about almost four decades ago.  Part romance, part mystery, and part adventure, Landon’s Odyssey is designed to connect with many who want to be entertained by a good fictional story whose time has come to speak for the Vietnam era.

About the Author

 J.A. Gasperetti was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He received   B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Wisconsin, with course work at both the Madison and Milwaukee campuses.  A Vietnam veteran, he served there with the 4th Infantry Division in 1966-67.  He is semi-retired and lives with his wife, Anne, in Iowa City, Iowa.  They raised two lovely daughters:  Talia and Larissa. Landon’s Odyssey is his first novel.